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Thread: Forged in Fire...anyone watching this?

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    I really wanted to love this. I had started some amateur blacksmithin a few years ago before I moved out and into my apt. I asked a local bladesmith Mark Marrow ( at a meet up a few years ago about going on the show. He said all contestants must pay their own way to and from the studio. Its a full week (unpaid) of filming for a 10K prize. He couldn't justify it with his business model. So that model doesn't really draw GOOD professional blacksmiths to show up. Several times I yelled at the screen knowing how wrong a novice was doing something. But it is fun watch folks pound iron. Also not many are pros but a few do show up and mop the floor with the other competitors.

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    I hate hearing that, figured they compensated them for time and travel...the idea that the contestants that lose do so and are out of pocket is pretty shitty.

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