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Thread: WoW App: ^^9Poo ^^5Dolphin (0/0/10)

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    I honestly laughed. Sure the stories were terrible, but this wasn't a short application and he did actually write stories to be read. I think the screen name is a bit strange, but I did snicker at some of his comments. Maybe its the jet lag.
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    Yeah.. they're stories, that doesn't mean that the person the stories are ABOUT is gonna be a good fit here

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    So let the application run its course and give the guy a shot. Regardless of branch this person applied to (meaning I'm not supporting this one way or another because its a WoW app) he did put effort into it... told his boldest stories (or some of them), was funny albeit non-PC, and is responding to questions with actual responses.

    Ask more questions and see where it goes.

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    If I had a vote it would be a resounding no. We don't need this here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dao Jones View Post
    Is there a... story behind your user name?
    I think it's some kind of score...and everybody's losing.

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    Just looking at this app without reading it made my brain hurt. We should still give him a little bit to try and work through this though, but my hopes are not high. I believe we still have that 24 or 48 hour rule on throwing out votes as well.

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    I never said I was a role model

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    Sure ill wait 24 hours. But unless something drastically changes to improve my impression I've got a preliminary no vote. I just read the bar story part and was disgusted. Honestly, judging from that alone, this is the type of person that would make me just turn off mumble if I saw him in there, and leave a raid party if I saw him join. Sure he wrote a lot of words, but if they are as obnoxious and plain out disgusting as that bar story, I'm not interested in reading them. Much less learning more about him.

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    I'd love to be proven wrong, I had the same reaction as Khai, and I'm normally the "Let's give him a chance" type..

    If I had a vote, it'd be an instinctive no.. Hopefully his redeeming qualities show up soon

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    area 52 has a huge horde population with lots of interesting guilds of varying tolerance. why choose us?

    you have several videos of wow kills you participated in, why are you no longer in X, Y, and z guild?

    What makes you the self described "greatest tank in the world"?

    there are certain things in your youtube videos and comments that may not jive well with us. for instance, i would be uncomfortable with a wow kill video "unrepentant vs giant panda boss" with the words "enjoy deuchfaggots" in the comments. We have members of varying sexual preferences and while i'm sure you dont mean to insult people who are gay, i'm equally sure you must realize that the word faggot in popular vernacular does not refer to a pile of wood or even cigarets anymore but instead is used to degrade a certain portion of society. the video im refering to is here:
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