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Thread: Star trek online App: Gryphonxxii (2/2/0)

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    Seeing as how we have people playing just about anything, I'm sure there will be a couple of people going into Neverwinter. Will there be an official branch? Who knows! Well, I've seen enough here... I'll toss ya your second YES vote in here. Halfway into joining our awesome(if dysfunctional) family.

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    Neverwinter will probably have to be really impressive to get a branch just because we already have a few fantasy MMO branches, including DDO. It isn't even in beta yet, so who the hell knows how it'll shake out. I plan on checking it out mainly due to my love of Neverwinter Nights. Cryptic does a good job with player-created content and playing NWN online was really awesome with what it allowed people to create. The bar is high for me, but I'll give it a fair chance.

    Also, have your third yes vote

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    NwNo (or whatever) is going to get a branch. Make your own dungeon?!?! Come the $#*@ on! I can't see any combination of events (excluding mass extinction of humanity) that prevents this gaggle of geeks from a six month fap-a-long minimum.

    Oh...also YES!


    Quote Originally Posted by Devil Lord Laser
    Primal Rage is what happens when JB hears about an update like this after a few (too many) beers.

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