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Thread: Come see a grown woman throw a fit like a 2 year-old

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    Thanks for the App! Raise your hand if you have done the "lighter fluid fire amplifier" It just seems like such a good idea at the time.....

    Anyhow, what the hell is a fanfic? What is your book about?
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    having fun playing is more important than content, gear or achievement. The supply of pixels is never going to run out.

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    The U is a douche convention

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    Your story is so light and airy, I really think you should add a touch more drama and seriousness to it.
    The only path to where you are is the one you took.

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    Good start. Keep the banter up and GL


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    Thank you, i may have to delve deeper into Fanfic.

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    Thank you for applying and you get a in your favor just cause you lived in La.

    Keep up on your app and hop in vent whenever possible.

    GL on your app.

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    Urban Dictionary is your friend

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    Good luck being head zombie, I have it on good confidence the position has been filled. Good plan though!

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