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Thread: Come see a grown woman throw a fit like a 2 year-old

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    Good call on the Odd Thomas series, easily some of Koontz's best work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alverdine
    Favorite Non MMO Game: Go Fish- Don't judge
    I'm interested in the rationale here.

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    What genre of fanfic? /nerd
    Probably not sober at time of this posting.

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    If it's early Anne Rice, I can forgive. Twilight, I cannot.

    What fantasy book? I ask because I'm a former fanfic writer myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alverdine
    Alice (in wonderland), LOTR, Sookie Stackhouse, and Narnia.
    I'm tired apparently, because I read that as Snookie Stackhouse and the mind reeled.

    Could you dish a bit on your book? One of my dearest friends is an author so I love to hear about these things.
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