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Thread: Ragon2727's Wildcards App..... Take 2

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    Ragon2727's Wildcards App..... Take 2

    Forum name of Applicant: Ragon2727

    Which game are you applying for membership in? (AoC, WAR, other): Champions
    Are you a member of any other guild in that game? Nope
    Are you over 18? (you must be 18+ to apply) Who gives a crap after 21?

    Male or Female? Guy

    What is the name/class/current level of the character(s) you intend to join with? Core/22ish/I throw fire at things

    How did you find us? Champions Forums "Man! I wish I could play this game with only one hand"

    Do you have friends or family in the guild? If so what is their forum name? Nope

    Tell us one thing we could do to improve our Guild Charter or Code of Conduct: Crap. Was I suppose to actually read that first? Hold on a sec............ Umm. I could wrap up a bunch of those rules
    1)Don't play like an Asshat!

    Do you have an issue using Ventrilo? (Being able to at least listen is helpful for active participation in PvP/raids) Not installed since the PC rebuild, but no problems getting it hammered in there.

    Fully answer the following 5 questions:
    1. What is the dumbest thing you have ever done? Mirriah White and I have the medication to prove it. Opps. Wrong "done". Well then I'm going with Matrix Online
    2. What is generally more important: the needs of an individual, or the "common good" of society? As long as the Common good involves more beer we're cool
    3. What is your Zombie Plan? Walmart! Limited doors, plenty of food, and enough ammo to blow away my city population
    4. Tell us the story of why you will no longer drink <name of drink>. I would give you a story about Ice101 and trying to breath underwater, but I just have my bachelor party last weekend. It ends up with me shirtless and my pants down with the stripper beating me with my own leather belt and hot wax was involved, then I was drinking wine off her.... Wait. What was this story supoose to be of? I lost my train of thought.
    5. Tell us about a conflict you had with one of your coworkers/guild members. How did you resolve it? What kind of disney job application question is this?.. Crap. I was taught this at job getting school... Make up something..... Umm.. We took it to the PvP area where I proceded to beat the hell out of him and made him cry like a little girl. I may have been drinking and actually lost without much of a fight in reality... But I like my way better.

    What has been your favorite class out of all the MMO's you've played? I like to punch things in the face.

    Quick survey! We will totally judge you by the answers you make below:
    Favorite Team: Old School American Gladiators!!!
    Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints! Sequel on the 30th of October baby!
    Favorite Book: Black Sun Rising
    Favorite Drink: Samual Adams Hefeweizen
    Favorite Non MMO Game: Left 4 Dead

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    Re: Ragon2727's Wildcards App..... Take 2

    Rag's app is a little thin, but he's been with us for a while now, and I seem to remember his original app being a bit sexier. I remember the "Matrix Online" line generating some good feedback.

    So, ocifers - what do you think? Do we need more?

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    Re: Ragon2727's Wildcards App..... Take 2

    Yah, ok.

    Yes. :2thumbsup:

    Watching who?

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    Re: Ragon2727's Wildcards App..... Take 2

    NAh he's a good guy... I vote yes
    Quote Originally Posted by Dao Jones
    I trust the Squirrel King's taste in people.

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    Re: Ragon2727's Wildcards App..... Take 2

    No objections.

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    Re: Ragon2727's Wildcards App..... Take 2

    Ran out of ink, but you're approved.

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