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Sep 25, 2009
I concur, Harrow the Ninth wasn't as good as Gideon the Ninth. The twist was pretty easy to see coming.
Dec 14, 2020
I know there was a thread like this, but I couldn't dig it out of the pile...

I'm about 200 pages into Neil Stephenson's new novel REAMDE and it is awesome.

The main character is based loosely on Richard Garriott (Lord British of Ultima) and the background is hsi company which has basically married Bitcoin to an MMO and created this ridiculous gold farmers dream of a game. Enter a new virus that basically encrypts your HD and holds it for ransom unless you pay 1000g of in game currency (about $73.00 real world) and the russian mafia and you get a really cool novel.

I am a big fan of his (Snowcrash, Diamond Age, Cryptonomicrom, Baroque Cycle Trilogy, Anathem) and his books are all on my favorite lists.

Definitely worth checking out.
I have been addicted to Litrpg books for a long time now. It first started when I read The Land by Aleron Kong (Chaos Seeds series) now I have read a ton of other ones.

Right now I am reading The Noobtown series. I also suggest some other ones;

The Completionist Chronicles

The Rogue Dungeon

Ascend Online

New Era Online

The Wraith's Haunt Series

Occultist: Saga Online #1

Awaken Online

If you like them let me know!
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