Unrepentant history?s Where you were? Where you are? Where are you headed?

Mar 13, 2012
I have been in reflection as of late. My desire to play games was recently sparked again. As I age things change and so have I! I love the U and everyone is fantastic!!

Where I was?

When I joined the U I had recently started STO. And my father died during my application process. I made it in but it has never been easy for me to be social outside of gaming. I gamed non stop in Minecraft, STO and a couple of others.

Where I am now?

I play Overwatch, Paladins, Minecraft sometimes waiting for the vanilla server reset or fix. ANd some STO. I would like to play other games but its hard to pick up something new right now.

Where am I going?

I hope to play a lot more. Overwatch, Some STO, Minecraft. Paladins maybe. Will keep searching for an MMO RPG to get into. Probably should plat DDO or Neverwinter. Not sure which.

Anyway I hope to see some of you out there in Uey land!!

Please answer questions if you want. And add anything you like. Kinda curious where the U is heading over the next few years. Hope something new could emerge.

Do we need to evolve?

How can we evolve?
Dec 18, 2016
ill jump on this train!

Where I was?

When i joined the U i had just left the Navy on some rough terms (depression and all that fun stuff) during the process my grandmother got sick and the U sparked my will to keep gaming and living. I gamed in WoW and WC3

Where I am now?

I play just about everything, i have max chars on WoW, NW, STO working on chars in DDO and Elite Dangerous, always searching for new games! This community i may not be so active in but im trying to get more into it and love seeing all the goodwill and cheer yall pantsless fools spread.

Where am i going?

I am focusing more on Elite Dangerous atm while i wait for Anthem and Div 2 along with Far cry new dawn, My gaming is going to slump for a while as i go back to work and continue my nursing education but ill still pop in and terrorize everyone when i can.

i love this idea and think it can really help people connect even more in this community. i will go back and edit in the other questions as they get added!


GalactHunt, Eater of Guilds
Aug 31, 2009
Joined in 2009, was playing Champions Online and thought WildCards was the best name for a super hero group because of the GRRM anthology collections...was stunned to find out Dao had no clue what WildCards was and it was simply fortuitous happenstance.

At the time that I joined I had closed up my last store and was still struggling to figure out how to stomach working for other people (never did get the hang of it). My daughters were 13 and 11 and I quickly realized I'd found a like minded group of folks in the U.

Went through pretty much every major game launch with them.

Took lead of the DDO guild...deleted it by accident.

For some reason they still kept me around and actually let me take lead on things.

I've pretty much kept active here over the last decade, though my involvement has waned at times.

Over the last decade I've proudly seen both daughters off to college on full ride scholarships, one to Vassar and the other to Emory. I was able to come here for advice during a terrible legal battle with my parents, was able to share when I reconciled with them, cry when my father passed in January of 2015 and then again when my mother followed in February of last year.

Most recently I was able to commiserate as I embarked on a new chapter of my life as I relocated to Atlanta from my home of 48 years in Birmingham. Still not sure what I am going to do, but I know that the U will be a part of it.

I have a good number of real life friends but honestly I spend more time and exchange more with my extended Unrepentant family than I do people I've pressed the flesh with and I am thankful to have found such a fantastic group of folks.

I'm not sure where the U is going to end up, but I will be along for the ride...and occasionally take the wheel, to veer head on into a mountainside.
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May 18, 2009
You can read the origin story in stickied in the Thirsty Troll Forum. I had never joined anything gaming related that I paid attention to before, but the HF alt/U crew were fun - way more fun than Age of Conan proved to be. Where it really hooked me was in WAR, which was a great game for playing as a crew to start with. I have since enjoyed and worn out many MMO type games with the U.

Now: I have been reasonably successful at work over the last 7-8 years, and life has chipped away at my gaming. I would play more if I had a game I like that I could pop in and out of. I still visit the forums every day to see what is going on in the Ueyverse.


Aug 4, 2011
OMG I joined the U playing RIFT and never looked back or wanted to! They are the best family a guy , especially a nerdy one, could ever want! Been Playing ESO again for quite a while now.Oh I play guitar, bass and uke sometimes and am married 4 years this year to a wonderful lady I actually met 30 years ago. She is from Hawaii and we got to go there a couple years ago..my first time flying :) Thats about it, Peace and Love to All!!!

Sep 13, 2009
I joined up during the beta of Champions Online. Much like Huntgod, I saw WildCards and assumed it was folks into the series of books. I soon discovered that it was just a bunch of miscreants like myself and immediatly joined up.

I just posted what I have been up to ni Life 1.0 if anyone is interested. All I can really say though is that Sunset server in Rift was still some of my favorite gaming and I AM THE FUCKING SQUIRRELL KING. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9VmkrU0Qzg
Feb 8, 2013
I literally fell asleep writing this last night, and forgot to hit the post button...

Where I was?

Gaming had been, and still is my escape from everything, where I can unwind. I was once more of a competitive player, but after a while, I started getting into MMOs, often as a solo player. After a while, it got a bit lonely, and STO wasn't a great game to be stuck playing on your own, so I looked around for fleets that I might be able to join. Most of the fleet ads where your typical mundane bullshit that you already know is most likely a lie to begin with, and I was about to just give up when I came across something amazing. You guess it, that was the Uey ad, and as with all games, it was fracking amazing! It took me a few days to work up the courage to actually put the app in.

After a short while, I started to come out my shell a bit. The more I got used to everyone, the more games I joined in. I joined in with Guild Wars 2, I was part of the vanguard in Neverwinter, I had a hand in trying to bring back the Rift branch, and became an occifer in Wildstar, and was part of the golden showers before getting sick and hospitalized for a bit.

Where I am now?

I mostly play a lot of single player games, and I'm not nearly as active in Mumble as I used to be. Aside from the occasional STO, I mostly just play Final Fantasy XIV, or sometimes WoW, but never both. I sometimes pop in for Rocket League or other games (like Elite right now), though.

Where am I going?

I honestly couldn't say. I feel like I've been gaming a lot less over the past years or two, and that trend may continue to the point I'm no longer really playing much of anything. Even if it comes to the point of not really getting much enjoyment out of gaming, I do plan to still be around. I'm not posting as much as I did at one point, but I do read pretty much everything, which is unlikely to change.
Nov 12, 2014
I joined up back in '14 and was trying to heavily play NWO because I was looking for that MMO itch to come back and be in need of some scratching. Some stuff happened not too long after joining and I ended up with nearly 6 mos or a year hiatus and came back. Since then I've been bouncing from game to game and going through long stretches of no games at all. I will say that the vegas trip last year was stupid fun what with meeting so many of the other U folks. I wouldn't trade a second of that time, regardless of anxiety hehehe. It was just great.

NWO - still a thing. Get a low to mid level char and stop. lol sorta my MO at the moment I guess

ARK - god. so many hours there

Minecraft - single player and on the various servers, its just fun ^_^

Paladins - only done rando groups outside of the U. I would not be apposed to trying to do some U stuff.

And misc other games, the forest, conan, no mans sky, star trek bridge crew, overwatch, rocket league, etc.
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