the old guard


Aug 4, 2011
I think the best thing about RIFT was when the rifts happened and everyone got in on it. ESO does something similar in several ways. Its defiantly better than when it began.

Rift did so many things right in how it handled the heal/tank/dps it just lacked longevity, though it is technically still around.

I really thought ESO would do something similar with breaking the barriers between heal/tank/dps, alas end of the day it did not...though I still love it, just wish it and more games had taken what Rift did and used it.
Sep 3, 2020
RIFT was a great game and so was DDO....problem was they caved to the casuals whereby every class had to have a role for everything and then dumb the game down. They had to take all the challenges out of the game. I will ALWAYS remember the first time fighting and defeating Velah in DDO and then my first time beating Aklyios in RIFT. Both of those raids were the best fights EVER to me. Just my 3 coppers from a Newb....
Aug 30, 2010
I'm officially just over 10 years now. Does that make me old guard?! It sure didn't feel that way when I joined! I don't want to be lumped in with those old guys.
Nov 27, 2009
Fall of 2009 as join date so 11 years - that’s crazy. I haven’t had time to play online in years but fun to remember. I tried to retire but was much to young, picked up games for something to do. Raiding while providing Team Canada hockey updates regardless where we were, including some pantsless raids through the towns in DDO. Many fun times.

Hard to believe I started when my kids were small and older one is almost done school now. With COVID retirement programs, maybe I’ll try retirement again and start gaming rather than poking in every couple months.
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