Oct 14, 2013
I understand there are some out there who havent seen the latest episodes, and some who may never want to see them, but whatever. Heres a safe space for those of us up to date to air out all all our up to date theories and questions.

To start!

After a mere 2 episodes Picard, I think.

The Borg attempt to join ( or at least get friendly with) The Federation is not a ploy or subterfuge, but rather an adaptation. They have the ability, as its been revealed, to sense other Borg Collectives not only in multiple universes, but also alternate timelines. String theory do your thing. I postulate that the Borg have managed to predict their own extinction in enough realities that they, as a species, have made the decision to essentially change course in their approach to interstellar politics.

And just as shit hit the fan and the decision of the galaxy was about to be made.. in walks Q

Not to overlook that it was Q who introduced humanity to the Borg to begin with, as a way of saying "Hey, you wanna seek some new life forms?, check these guys out!"
I have to wonder even then if Q did not realize the breadth of humanities willingness to, beyond all hope, completely annihilate another species. I think now perhaps at the time he was testing humanities tolerance toward a creature whos very nature was so repugnant and vile to their own.

And now Q I think might be feeling a bit guilty for introducing these 2 adversaries and then, losing control of the situation. Who knows what rules the continuum abide by, but we've seen this particular Q in trouble with the continuum before.

I think Picards final lesson is going to be something like. You cant just wipe out another species or doom them to extinction for spite. Not if you're the Federation, not if you're the Borg.. not even if you're Q

Anyway I am VERY excited to see where this goes.
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Aug 31, 2009
My 2 cents...

Along those lines I think it is more likely the Borg attempting to join the Federation and asking for assistance are actually from the altered timeline where they have been exterminated.

I think there is a good chance the Borg queen that they encountered right before destroying their ship in episode 1, was either Seven or Allison Pill's character. Assimilated and reaching out for help. That the Borg are asking for Picard and not Locutus would support that, the Borg from the unaltered line always refer to him as Locutus never as Picard.

At first I thought they'd just gone a Mirror Darkly universe, especially given Q dropping that phrase and the Terran Empire that the confederation resembles.

I still think that is a possibility, that they have been moved to the Terran Empire, Mirror Darkly universe and they will have to make a choice of saving the Borg there rather than letting things move forward.

I am curious who the Watcher will be, I am hoping they use T'Pol, she was on Earth around this time and it would be a nice call back/fan service.

I do agree that the ultimate question will be about committing genocide for the common good and it not being a viable choice.
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