RIP George Segal


Cylon Hunter
May 10, 2014
He was one of my favorite actors growing up. Right out of the Blake Edwards and Mel Brooks schools of satire his credits are numerous: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ... Zany Adventures of Robin Hood ... Fun with Dick and Jane ... Owl and the Pussycat ... Of Mice and Men ... Death of a Salesman ... The Longest Day ...

But one of my all-time favorites is a comedy western he starred in opposite Goldie Hawn called Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox. Their stagecoach scene imho is the best comedy dialogue of all time. Every MMO I have ever played has had at least one rogue hunter or gunslinger named Dirtwater, and if there was a mount involved that I could name then I called it Blackjack.

I would love to post a Youtube vid of that stagecoach scene but I couldn't find one. So here is the only copy of the original movie trailer I could find ...

Looks like a movie kind of weekend.
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