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Cylon Hunter
May 10, 2014
Looks like the original Curse mod/addon app appears to be coming full circle. What started as web-based Curse that went to the CurseForge app, then moved to the Twitch app after the acquisition - is now back to being a CurseForge app again ... but this time it's through Overwolf. Please note that the Twitch app will no longer support mods by next week.

We're pleased to announce a new home for CurseForge!
The Mods feature in the Twitch Desktop App will be moving to a new dedicated desktop app managed by Overwolf, which is available now. Please click here to visit Overwolf's site, where you can download the Overwolf desktop app and learn about their future plans for Mods and the CurseForge website. Or, if you are a web user, you can click here to learn more

On Novemeber 30th the "Mods" tab in the Twitch Desktop App will no longer be supported.
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