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Jan 2, 2014
I first noticed that I had an affinity for elephants when I got my first apartment years ago. I had no things to cover my bland white walls with so I went to the local thrift store since I was short on money. This framed poster of a herd of elephants caught my eye partly because it was awesome looking and partly because it was 2.99. From there I sort of added thing to the elephant corner and haven't really stopped. I am currently using my custom elephant mouse pad as I answer this question.

I pick a midget brontosaurus rather than a full size one because of my love of The Land Before Time growing up. I constantly crawled around on all fours as a small child with a tree star (dirty ass leaf from the yard) and called myself Littlefoot. I had the VHS growing which I watched so many times that it wore out completely and I had an epic meltdown. I also had all of the puppets that they gave out at Pizza Hut.
Sep 2, 2013
2.) I'm 30 and an undergraduate still because I have had several different careers (most short lived). That include youth pastor, management in retail, automotive mechanic and preschool teacher.
Good for you for pushing on through to finish your undergraduate degree. I went back to school in my 30s, and wish I could have remained a student forever. Then again, I was working full time and going to school full time at night, so my life wasn't all that dreamy all the time, but I loved it.

What kind of retail did you manage?

4.) I come from the only sane city in Kansas: Lawrence and I love it.
I have had limited experience with Kansas, but one little exchange still cracks me up to this day. I lived in Nashville for a while, then relocated to Seattle by way of a three week "layover" with a friend in Boulder, CO. I drove from Nashville to Boulder, and as you might imagine, drove the length of Kansas along the way. Being from New England, I was utterly fascinated with how flat Kansas is. It was nighttime and I could see a storm with lightning way far off in the distance. It was beautiful!

I had my two kittens in my Jeep with me, and right around the time I was thinking it was time to stop for the night, they were waking up from their all-day snooze and discovered that we had a firefly in the car. They proceeded to engage in the Kitten Bug Catching Olympics, and I nearly went off the road a few times when the damned firefly flew towards the wheel and the cats launched themselves at it. I finally smashed the bug on the dashboard and felt guilty for ruining their fun.

5.) My favorite county to travel in is Turkey, it's so beautiful.
My sister said the same thing! She is a savvy world traveler and would probably still be off wandering if she hadn't met her husband and had a baby. She said Turkey was the first place she had ever felt like a second class citizen by being a woman, and it really affected her. She made sure she dressed appropriately and had a male friend travel with her in that country, but that it was beautiful and magical and so very different than what she had expected. I would love to visit there some day. Tell us some of the things you loved about Turkey...
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Jun 16, 2013
Hey Fragable.

I have looked over your app a couple of times. And I really don't see you fit well in to this community.
We want people who are trying to make there app fun and trying to make conversations. And you really don't seams to into this app or the community.
you have had the chance to drop us some questions and get to know not only us but the community as it is, but you have not done that.

So I am giving you a NO As well.

I wich you luck on finding a new home in NW
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