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Cylon Hunter
May 10, 2014
I have had intermittent issue when editing posts. The biggest problem comes when the post is a sticky where I was the author. When I click the Edit Post button I get a blank message field.

The workaround is to
  • reply With Quote to the post being updated,
  • copy the entire post to the clipboard,
  • close the post being updated,
  • re-open the post to be updated and click Edit Post,
  • paste everything from the clipboard,
  • remove the opening and closing quote tags,
  • modify the post as needed & save.


[edit] The problem I found with this method is that anything inside of quotes from the original post won't appear in the "Reply With Quote" text. So you'll have to separately copy what was originally in quotes, paste it separately where it is supposed to appear in the new edited post, then manually enclose it in quote tags.
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Aug 27, 2016
I have heard many references to the posts being eaten while editing and have in fact experienced issues. I have gotten into the habit of refreshing the page right before I hit the edit button and it seems to help. :)

I might also mention that I use MS Edge as a browser for this forum, but at a first very casual glance I would wager from the widespread comments that it is browser independent.

Hope that helps in some way!
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