Consider not removing apps until COVID past


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Jan 28, 2014

With several UEYs down either confirmed or presumed COVID, this is going to make apps harder all around. I'd like to propose modification to give good apps more of a chance to rebound.

I want to suggest we modify ending vote posts due to inactivity to clearly state someone can come back and ask to get the app rebooted. The app could also be left in place, or left at 0/0 vote and moved to NO; something clear that shows the app doesn't have to be over if they want to pursue it.

My city has people dropping like flies, and no one dealing with an emergency is checking their computer anymore. I can see coming back to see NO votes being pretty discouraging, and some people who might have pursued reinstatement passing it over unless it was crystal clear that returning was "no harm, no foul." It says in the instructions you could come back and explain, so we don't restate it normally. But if folks actually do have an emergency in the family, that point may be lost weeks later.

Its not a modification to our current system of NOs, but just a clear positive message of reinstatement if the app is pruned. If someone comes back and sees the message, or sees a pruned message with a 0/0 score, or however you want to do it, it will be more likely pursued to be reopened. I'd argue our true drive-by apps won't be bothered to come check their app again. Real applicants might return.

Could we have officers clearly state in closeout that the app can be reopened if the person returns please?
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Feb 8, 2013
It sounds reasonable, at the very least.

I'd also add, maybe even give the likely hit & runs an extra 2-3 days as well perhaps?


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Oct 7, 2009
Yeah, I'm cool with this. Won't really hurt anything to hold off on inactivity votes for a while, either. I'll just ask people to do that for the time being.


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Feb 24, 2011
This is an excellent suggestion. Thank you.
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