CO application @Discosilly



Forum name of Applicant: Jut

Which game are you applying for membership in? (AoC, WAR, other): Champions Online.
Are you a member of any other guild in that game? Nope.
Are you over 18? (you must be 18+ to apply) Yessiirr.

Male or Female? Male

What is the name/class/current level of the character(s) you intend to join with? Jut@Discosilly lvl 21 atm

How did you find us? CO forums.

Do you have friends or family in the guild? If so what is their forum name? Nope.

Tell us one thing we could do to improve our Guild Charter or Code of Conduct: idk

Do you have an issue using Ventrilo? (Being able to at least listen is helpful for active participation in PvP/raids) No.

Fully answer the following 5 questions:
1. What is the dumbest thing you have ever done? Not sure, I do a lot of dumb things..
2. What is generally more important: the needs of an individual, or the "common good" of society? "Common good".
3. What is your Zombie Plan? "Double-tap".
4. Tell us the story of why you will no longer drink <name of drink>. I love Absolut too much to not drink it.
5. Tell us about a conflict you had with one of your coworkers/guild members. How did you resolve it? I never really had problems with other guild members.

What has been your favorite class out of all the MMO's you've played? Probably Warlock on WoW.

Quick survey! We will totally judge you by the answers you make below:
• Favorite Team: Chelsea FC.
• Favorite Movie: Alfie.
• Favorite Book: I don't read much.. but Think Like a Chef by Tom Colicchio
• Favorite Drink: Alcoholic - Absolut.
Non - probably just water.
• Favorite Non MMO Game: Not sure.. I don't really play a lot of Non-MMO's
Sep 11, 2009
I'm just gonna say some standard stuff cause someone else will anyways.

1. The Application has more words than your answers.
2. We don't care if you have done a lot of dumb things, tell us anyways.
3. This app is thin and needs much more meat.
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