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Dao Jones

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Apr 15, 2008
"This person is someone I would want to have a drink with."

That sentence is the most important piece of information you need to understand about applying to Unrepentant. Why? Because ultimately, *that* is our criteria for admittance into The U. We want you to be someone we'd hang out with outside of gaming, because in The U we put "people" above and before "games".

Now, how do you convince us you're a person we'd want to hang out with? Two easy steps:

1. First, have a quick look at our Charter and Rules. Don't worry - they're not long. Just make sure we're the right community for you, and you're the right person for us.

2. Next, stay active in your application! The goal of the app is for us to chat each other up like an awkward first date, and Uey is totally not into the "strong, silent type". You're welcome to play in the guild for whatever game you're applying in, but the forums are what keep our community together, and ultimately where most of us socialize.

Now, a lot of people see an application, and say "screw this - I'm looking for a guild, not a job". I hear ya. But there's something right up front you need to understand about The U: We are VERY serious about the people we recruit. In fact, this is the most serious thing we do here. (In fact, it's probably the only serious thing we do here.) Why? Because we take the quality of our community very seriously. Drama llamas, boring people, SUPR 1337 GAMERZ, and the like are not welcome among our ranks.

Lastly, your application requires 4 votes to get in, or 3 votes to get rejected. This will come from leadership (the people with yellow, green, or purple names), and voting can usually take 2 days to several weeks depending on how active/awesome you are (or how well you bribe people). You can see your votes in your app title: (0/0), split into (Yes votes/No votes).

Good luck! And stay classy, applicants!

P.S. If you're curious where else we play, check out our FAQ for a list of all of our current branches and games. Once you're a member, you can play in any or all of them!
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