App: WarLockPlays - New World (4/0)


Guild Leader
Jun 20, 2011
So, I'm liking the interaction. I've seen you online a few times but unable to get in a group with you, but I won't hold it against you

I'll vote YES


Aug 26, 2010
You guys remember the last time I commented on an app? Me either. This dude here, he's fun to play games with.

This Warlock fella is pretty righteous, and not in a Covenant sort of way, either. Foulsoul, Tefached, and myself were about to run some PvP missions, and Foul says there's a dude who wants to join us, so we get him in group. And man, once he got into comms on Discord, in my opinion, he was an instant fit. Had an absolute blast with the dude. One particular moment stands out, though. We had just gotten done wiping a couple enemies out, and there was one particular knuckledick who was up on the hill firing away at us with his musket. I decided I was going to go around the side, being all stealthy and shit. Warlock? Nah man, he just guns straight up the hill Leeroy Jenkins style. We get there about the same time, slaughter the musketeer, and talk about it afterward - we both appreciated each other's approach. Great times were had.

Warlock, I'm glad you applied, brother, and hopefully my input here helps fast-track you into the U. I'm looking forward to getting drunk, going the wrong way, and having you wait for me again and again and again and again and again and...I need some coffee.
If you're good enough for PFloyd, you're good enough for me. YES.


Official Dino-Bard
Oct 8, 2011
Takophist, Warlockplays, whatever, welcome to the U, brother!
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