App: Trpleedge - Right now I'm pretty much only playing FFXIV but who know's what glorious vistas I may discover in the future! (4/0)

Sep 11, 2020
Hey Krishach, thanks for stopping by! Honestly the only other games I’m playing at the moment other than FFXIV are games I play with my son and the only competitive style games at the moment would be Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. I am pretty terrible at both but I have tons of fun playing both lol

I haven’t played SF4 but I’ll definitely give it a shot. I happened to sign up for the 7 day trial for PSNow and saw SF 5 on there and figured I’d try it outto give my son and I something other than Smash Bros to play and see if he liked it. All of the Street Fighters are on there so I’ll check 4 out since it doesn’t cost anything to try lol


Feb 1, 2012
Haven't been following this app thread as I was involved with a few others...and Brandon Sanderson love gave me pause too. I saw he was getting a lot of puff on various Youtube channels so gave it a try, part way through book 2 he has Vin float slowly down because she has altered her with magic you can do anything but Leaning Tower of Pisa, Galileo...ring any bells? I know its fantasy but that seems such a school boy error, any other explanation involving magic i could accept but...I'll finish book 2 but might not get any further. Got some Joe Abercrombie and Jim Butcher waiting for me.

I may see you in FFXIV as I am dabbling in it as an alternative to more grinding in DDO - name's Marri but I'm only on a freebie account for now.

Anyway notwithstanding the above the app clearly deserves a YES, welcome to the U

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