An animal fact & education thread.


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Jan 28, 2014
"People... Don't care about saving things that they don't love, and they don't love things that they don't know."

This may die, but I felt like starting a thread about animal facts. Not just random facts or pet facts, but all educational content that doesn't conveniently exclude things. Sometimes its so polarizing that this may belong in CRaP, but I'd like to actually share animal facts because of what Clint said in the video to start things off.

Scales and Tails Utah go-fund-me, to continue expanding their animals enclosures.

The viral video of a keeper getting bitten and death-rolled during a feeding has had a lot of ignorance circling it. It was pretty amazing to see someone break it down, with the keeper who was bitten, whilst not demonizing the animal or the keeper.

I've watched Clint's for a while now. He's spoken about his childhood dog attack before. I like that he doesn't ignore inconvenient facts, such as when he speaks about pitbulls. He points out the fact that pitbulls are by far not the most common breed to bite people (labs and golden retrievers last time I looked were the most common, per capita). He likewise acknowledges that when they do bite, they are capable of more damage than labs and golden retrievers.

Sharks, alligators, crocodiles, snapping turtles, coyotes, wolves, bats... If I had to make a list of things that get demonized, it would go on. What makes me sad is how often people don't bother asking "why" a thing is, or why it happened... Because clearly, they "know" already.

Maybe I'm weird. I like watching things that challenge what I believe in the long run.

I like debating with UEYs more than most other people. I was hoping anyone else animal-motivated might share fact sources, whether funny, personal, weird, or whatever you like crawling the internet to learn.
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