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  1. Fosco

    Press for the NWO branch

    Praise for the Unrepentant Stronghold calculator, assembled by Kolgax, Peter and Strongsuit Nice work!
  2. Fosco

    100,000 League of Legends Games in 30 seconds

    Meta data graphics:
  3. Fosco

    My Little Pony, 50 Years Later

    Not what you think...
  4. Fosco

    Peter Mayhew Star Wars photos - they all look so young!
  5. Fosco

    Another one gone

    Alvin Lee:
  6. Fosco

    Unrepenta(n)t timeline

    This is something I'm working on for the History thread - any corrections or additions are welcome
  7. Fosco

    The next step to Skynet/Transformers

    The older i get, the more I think anything is possible:
  8. Fosco


    If this comes to pass, we are dooooomed!
  9. Fosco

    Another one gone

    Donald the Duck Dunn, bassist for the Stax rhythm section, has gone on to the great funk show in the sky. You kids probably mostly know him from the Blues Brothers, but he was sound track of youth for me. [youtube:1vmuvyzv]H48xlHrXaXw[/youtube:1vmuvyzv]
  10. Fosco

    Happy birthday Ely!

    Enjoy the day - it was cool to hear you in Mumble again yesterday!
  11. Fosco

    Delayed in Denver - Ideas for entertainment?

    So en-route to Chicago for a conference, and scheduled Denver-O'Hare leg cancelled. No seats until 4, which is not much of an issue since when I fly to or thru Chicago, I leave a lot of slack. But now I have a six hour session in DIA. So what does a good Uey do under these circumstances? (Since...
  12. Fosco

    Happy birthday to Liandan, Kreitun drterb and notorious

    Question of the day - are Liandan and Kreitun twins separated at birth? Enjoy your natal celebrations guys. :uey:
  13. Fosco

    I did not know this...

    Curt Schilling with Todd McFarlane and RA Salvatore - sounds awesome
  14. Fosco

    Happy Birthday Aethyre, Angel & Atrrekz

    Over the hills, suckers! (well, maybe not Art.) It's nice over here, isn't it, with decay setting in? :uey:
  15. Fosco

    Happy Birthday Kiserai

    Feeling ancient at 31? Probably comes from advising Dao and Foul. Have a great day, green one.
  16. Fosco

    A token of the U from the past

  17. Fosco

    A headline that gave me pause

    Consumer Confidential: Twinkies, Coors Light, colon cleansing Really three separate news items from the consumer page of the LA Times, but I was expecting it to be about ChefB, Huntgod and Viperjock.
  18. Fosco

    If you happen to be in Seattle, worth seeing

    I know there are some fans of the grunge scene in the U - a pretty good exhibit on Nirvana and the scene at Memorabilia and oral history from a lot of bands. I liked the Hendrix stuff better, but I'm wicked old.
  19. Fosco

    Happy Birthday Chaosmonkey!

    22 awesome years old. Whacha doin' for your special day?
  20. Fosco

    sWTOR vs WoW according to the NY Times

    WoW Chauvinist?
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