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  1. Fosco

    the old guard

    Yes you joined in Rift. You were unguilded and AFK at a spawn point, getting ganked - I think it was Harp I was with when we ganked your ganker and showed you the way to Chef's van.
  2. Fosco

    the old guard

    The guard does not surrender - they get shot to pieces instead. Good old General Cambronne
  3. Fosco

    the old guard

    Still here but not playing much of anything, since repetitive motion wrecks my hands and wrists. But yes, since 2008, which blows my mind.
  4. Fosco

    App: M1LFM1LK - neverwinter,nwn,have xbox1,anything really (0/3)

    The accept/reject ratio is pretty stable - it reflects the prevalence of douchebags, wasters and idiots in the general population....
  5. Fosco

    First website you ever visited OR random sh*t in bovines head...

    Compuserve account at work for moving commodity data around. Boring
  6. Fosco

    So what's everyone playing??

    My old wrist and related repetitive stress problems are back. I need a game I can play with my feet, or to get a career where I don't use a computer 90% of the time at work.
  7. Fosco

    Unrepentant history?s Where you were? Where you are? Where are you headed?

    You can read the origin story in stickied in the Thirsty Troll Forum. I had never joined anything gaming related that I paid attention to before, but the HF alt/U crew were fun - way more fun than Age of Conan proved to be. Where it really hooked me was in WAR, which was a great game for playing...
  8. Fosco

    Sie könnten sich einen echten Buggy nike schuhe

    Muitny>Jon Kyl when it comes to deciding who gets to down vote.
  9. Fosco

    Fallout 4 nukes Pornhub

    Well, at least it helps us understand what applicants care about
  10. Fosco

    RIP Bozo

    How did we get so flippin old?
  11. Fosco

    History of Unrepentant

    I had given up on you long before...:o I demoted myself on a day when some trivial nonsense was stirring the shit simultaneously at work and here. I couldn't deal with both anymore, and work pays a lot better. Besides, the U works better with turnover n the rainbow.
  12. Fosco

    Whats the most hours you have played on a game ?

    Mostly MMO time - WoW probably the most - I had over 300 days when I left it in 2007. I have been back three times now, but with nothing like the same intensity. Oddly enough I think joining the U rationalized my play, since now I only get really into it when there is a steady crew I like.
  13. Fosco

    History of Unrepentant

    It would have been nearly impossible to maintain the chronicle, with the decline of the MMO - and me not being in the rainbow room for the last 3-4 years.
  14. Fosco

    Why did no one tell me?

    All greens are good with bacon. And without. I did some lacinto kale with anchovies and capers the other night. Awesome.
  15. Fosco

    U print\logo

    Needs a Lady Uey version?
  16. Fosco

    Describe your profession badly.

    Resource problems are everywhere but trying to make this MBA run is wearing me out.... On the upside, I get to go teach in Europe in the fall.
  17. Fosco

    Describe your profession badly.

    Part one, feels like: Perform conjuring tricks, with no hat, no rabbit and no audience. Part two: Discover and describe well known truths in new and exciting ways. Also Part 3. The upside: very high levels of autonomy - (I get to pick which darkened room and which 60 hours a week)
  18. Fosco

    Happy Birthdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want ti see the May 2 birthday train!
  19. Fosco

    Reflecting on 9 years of Ueyness

    The thing that hooked me on this community: Naked Tortage runs in AoC, with a few naked gnome runs in WoW. PvP anywhere, but especially in WAR, trying to keep Apoc alive when he got his Leroy Jenkins on, and in SWTOR, that time I killed Mutiny. Fort Kickass. In Rift recruiting someone who was...
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