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  1. Fennec

    I have logged in again. Maybe this is a milestone.

    I have logged in again. Maybe this is a milestone.
  2. Fennec

    Word Association.

    (Alternates being Forth'sup and Verilyo)
  3. Fennec

    Word Association.

  4. Fennec

    App: nyu04 - ESO (for now) (4/0)

    The Wave is definitely not from the 1970s... And hello nyu04 - Do you think you'll play the new Baldur's Gate when it launches? Not even sure what the final system requirements will be when that drops. Good to hear from you in ESO!
  5. Fennec

    App: Garisaan - Warframe (4/0)

    Grats! (also, hello Magus)
  6. Fennec

    Word Association.

  7. Fennec

    App: TheAvenger2378 - Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, DDO? (4/0)

    Yes, Alestorm and ZZ are somewhere in my playlist as well. :)
  8. Fennec

    App: TheAvenger2378 - Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, DDO? (4/0)

    Hello! You seem rather new here and well, these pages don't fill themselves unless we interact with you! As Menaleus mentioned, we've got some world class assortment of everyone here and its probably been ages since I've responded to an application, so to keep in the theme of music, do you...
  9. Fennec

    Word Association.

  10. Fennec

    So what's everyone playing??

    Finished Witcher 3, dabbling in no order of rotation - Guild Wars 2, Eve, WoW (on specific world faction days), Star Citizen, SotA, and poking at my Minecraft server. I may poke at DDO this weekend.
  11. Fennec

    Word Association.

  12. Fennec

    App: Riryan - DDO to start with, maybe more later on (4/0)

    He is chatty, so signs point up. :)
  13. Fennec

    Watch out for Irma, the bitch!!!

    The Tampa Bay went out, the deputies saved two stranded manatees from the mud, and then the Bay came back in slower than it did in Naples (where apparently the surge came back in 15 minutes what had taken 2 hours to carry out). All in all, I was at work for 36 hours during the storm, and came...
  14. Fennec

    Word Association.

  15. Fennec

    Word Association.

  16. Fennec

    Word Association.

  17. Fennec

    Reflecting on 9 years of Ueyness

    Hey Dao, good to see you still stomping your way through California in that bigger than life fashion. :D Yeah.. the big things to remember were probably You drafting me into a leadership spot for Champions Online for organizing the bank on some whim. Curse you! *shakes fist* Meeting DR and...
  18. Fennec

    Word Association.

  19. Fennec

    Several new TV shows worth checking out - Lucifer, Minority Report and Blindspot!

    Will the new MST3K be any good? Its to be Netflixed, yes?
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