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  1. Havokist

    For the audio nerds: Electrostatic Speakers

    A random internet tangent landed me on this page: It's from a company that make hybrid electrostatic speakers, where they include a regular sub as electrostatic speakers are said to have some issues reproducing lower frequencies. I'd never...
  2. Havokist

    Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg hosting a cooking show...

    I'm still in mild disbelief. It's airing tonight. Here's a promotional taster from the Ellen Show
  3. Havokist

    Happy Colonial Day!

  4. Havokist

    Preacher (Possible Spoilers)

    Anyone watched the first episode yet? I watched it with some friends last night, and I've gotta say it was pretty damn awesome. I haven't read any of the Preacher comics but this has kinda pointed me at them. They've managed to translate some of the comic style to the cinematography very well...
  5. Havokist

    'To be or not to be?' - 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare's Death

    Recently there was an event held in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. The full show is available on BBC iPlayer, but I'm not too sure what the deal is with that in the US. There was quite the all star cast, so they had a...
  6. Havokist

    Sausage Party(NSFW)

    No... not that kind of sausage party :p Video is NSFW due to some strong language Providing they haven't used up all their funniest bits in the trailer it looks like it could be pretty awesome
  7. Havokist

    Crypt of the Necrodancer Song Suggestions(Possibly NSFW)

    For those not familiar with Crypt of the Necrodancer, it's a roguelike/dungeon crawler crossed with a rhythm game. You can only move or act on the beat and the enemies do the same. Link to the Steam store. One of the rather sweet features is that you can use your own music as the soundtrack to...
  8. Havokist

    Blues legend B.B. King dies at age 89

    2015 takes another Great and leaves the world that bit quieter B B King died yesterday. Fuck 2015, man... :( Eric Clapton's tribute video:
  9. Havokist

    Epic Sax-Off on the Subway

    I was gonna post this in the video thread, but it kinda deserves its' own post. This video makes my being happy.
  10. Havokist

    There was an ecplise visible in the UK yesterday

    The title is fairly self explanatory. It's one of those kinda cool things that remind you how tiny you actually are. There are a bunch of pretty funky pictures to come out of it from around the world. Norway Italy ...and the view I had from Manchester Fuck you, weather, fuck you...
  11. Havokist

    Sir Terry Pratchett is now playing D&D with the Discworld Gods Fuck, man...
  12. Havokist

    Get Off My Lawn!

    I figured some of you... fine folks might enjoy this :p Seems it's kinda Plants vs Zombies meets a crotchety old bastard. Edit: I forgot to mention that it's F2P on Steam :)
  13. Havokist

    In the latest instalment of "Why You Pay Your Sound Guy..."

    The guy who posted this was asked to record that gig and was left with the audio files and no one wanting to foot the bill. It's posted a bit late to have any real effect, but he's solo'd her vocals and guitar. I think it's quite safe to say she's being carried by the band. I hope they get paid...
  14. Havokist

    Total Recall brought to life(NSFW) It's happened. A woman from Florida has plastic surgery to give herself a third...
  15. Havokist

    Possible Deadpool Movie It's tagged as test footage, and seems to have been removed from a few places. It's still up there at the time of posting, but that's not to say they won't take it down sometime soon. It looks damn promising... :D
  16. Havokist

    "Please stop uploading the game highlights..." (Possibly NSFW) Pornhub has had to ask people to stop uploading the highlights of the Brazil vs Germany game. Seems it was getting uploaded under...
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