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  1. SharpPointyStick

    What are you reading?

    May have to look into that. Thanks for the tip Hunt.
  2. SharpPointyStick

    What are you reading?

    Just finished Extinction Horizon by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. Interesting read, may pick up a few more in the series. Working on The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. Having a bit of difficulty with it though. Characters are well done, world is different & interesting. Story is a bit disjointed...
  3. SharpPointyStick

    the old guard

    Never have I met so many people willing to tell me if the rag smells like ether! No wonder I've stayed in the U so long. Creeping up on 10. No regrets!
  4. SharpPointyStick

    Dave 6000

    Agreed Pufloyd...poop, poop,, post, post. Yay, one closer to catching DooDoo Dave!
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  6. SharpPointyStick

    Man humanity really sucks sometimes...oh and I have a cat.

    In other news, cats KNOW when a person is allergic to them...& are determined to give that person as much cuddles as possible! Evil, sadistic bastards!!! lol :p
  7. SharpPointyStick

    Ah, hell with it - I'mma be a streamer.

    Well, if you watched Wex drive a truck on twitch & that inspired you to stream...fuck it, you're too damn stupid to waste any of my valuable time giving you advice...:icon_double-finger: :lol:
  8. SharpPointyStick

    Playing in the MUD (Actually SFW! Shocker, right?)

    Thanks for all the input. Still haven't taken the plunge but been looking over several & considering the options.
  9. SharpPointyStick

    Playing in the MUD (Actually SFW! Shocker, right?)

    Thinking about dipping into the world of MUD's. Even though I'm an old fart you would think should have exprience with these, I don't. Been a gamer for ages, chess player since 11 or 12 (a sexy, sexy 49 now), PnP RPG's & wargames coming a year or so later. Came up kind of poor though so computer...
  10. SharpPointyStick

    Sie könnten sich einen echten Buggy nike schuhe

    Ooooo! Lemon sparkle parties!!!! Yay! :icon_2thumbsup:
  11. SharpPointyStick

    Sie könnten sich einen echten Buggy nike schuhe

    Awww...Why ya gotta mess things up Mutiny? I was starting to feel like I was making a real connection here! If you've scared off my soulmate with your arbitrary linkage removal I may have to cry into my bucket of butt lube...
  12. SharpPointyStick

    Sie könnten sich einen echten Buggy nike schuhe

    So why don't you tell me a little about yourself? Is that German? I really like German porn. Do you like German porn? Maybe we can get together & poop on each other sometime while watching German porn. Would you like to be friends? Special friends? Special friends in my van? I would like...
  13. SharpPointyStick

    Life Survival - a bovines perspective OR a UEY TIFU - mild NSFW

    The question you kind of like peeing on your dog? Don't worry. I won't judge. This is a safe place! :D
  14. SharpPointyStick

    Grown-Up Toys (nsfw now)

    The last line there was my favorite! Good one Hunt!
  15. SharpPointyStick

    Grown-Up Toys (nsfw now)

    Yay!!! The thread has been saved!
  16. SharpPointyStick

    If you was transported to a game world what would it be?

    I would say STO if I could take out the STD mess. No offense to those who like it, I just don't.
  17. SharpPointyStick

    Appreciate it!

    Appreciate it!
  18. SharpPointyStick

    Gaming Podcast Input

    I've noticed that some wives can be funny like that...:lol:
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