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  1. Ely

    E Cig Information (This was requested by many)

    So, not sure if any of you know, but I have been a smoker for quite awhile. Not regular cigarettes, but cloves. Since our lovely President (in conjunction with Phillip Morris), decided to ban them in our lovely "free" United States, I have been ordering them from Indonesia for about a year...
  2. Ely

    File Planet Gives Direct to Drive Discount!

    Just got this in my email. So for some of those that don't have a membership and plan on buying from Direct to Drive in the near future, you might want to think about joining. Dear Member, Your IGN Subscription just got an upgrade! Because we love our members so much (feel the love...
  3. Ely

    Zomg Garden Zombie! ... 36HRT&link [hsimg:3ey4flat][/hsimg:3ey4flat] [hsimg:3ey4flat][/hsimg:3ey4flat]
  4. Ely

    Some Vids I wanted to share
  5. Ely

    Ely -Champions Online Application

    Forum name of Applicant: Ely Which game are you applying for membership in? (AoC, WAR, other): Currently Champions Online. However, with the up coming changes in the guild systems in World of Warcraft, I would be interested in finding out what type of content you are currently on and...
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