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  1. Lukas Smith

    Game about a Game Company includes piracy in pirate copies. (w/ funny forum postings) There is a lot of other really good things in the article if the industry of games is interesting to you beyond playing the end product. However, I...
  2. Lukas Smith

    Hot Math Teacher + Twitter (w/ NSFW Pictures)

    Let me check the thread title. . .NSFW? Ok then! and because this story would be useless without pictures! (There isn't anything that can't be shown on a news website, but they are very...
  3. Lukas Smith

    College Football Star's girlfriend a fiction. . .just like everyone on the internet

    I love college football (Geuax Tigers) but there is something I love more. . .internet drama! . . .and it starts getting crazier from there. So, was...
  4. Lukas Smith

    Pay your subscription fee or John McAfee will come to your house and shoot you. Paranoid, gang banging, and hopped up on bath salts. . .I hadn't really been following this bit of news till now, but it's an impressive train wreak...
  5. Lukas Smith

    The "You know you've. . ." thread

    I'll start. . . You know you've not drunk enough when you can still censor what you're posting on the internet.
  6. Lukas Smith

    I spent $250 on maybe 0 hours of gaming. =\

    The title is a nod to this old thread, were in our "Dear Leader" tells how he $150 on 12 hours of gaming. I won't spoil the ending of the first post, but let's say I'm surprised Dao still plays video games. Anyway, My own tale starts on facebook, as so many tales of tears do. A good friend of...
  7. Lukas Smith

    "When it rebooted, there, alas, was porn." ... 7-1_3-0-20 It's a cautionary tale, but "When it rebooted, there, alas, was porn." is going to be one of my favorite statements of all time. So. .. like Windows? Ouch.
  8. Lukas Smith

    "Go the F**k to Sleep" read by Samuel L. Jackson

    If you didn't pick up on it already, There might be some "bad words" in this video. [youtube:363nfmnj]CFuyE_VBeO8[/youtube:363nfmnj] :lol: Free download: ... 6TWVU5XWC2
  9. Lukas Smith

    Cupcakes of Doom! ... ke-Recipes Between "in the Kitchen of Your Mom" and cupcakes. . . :lol:
  10. Lukas Smith

    Daily Show's version of the Royal Wedding

    Today lesson, don't try to ban comedy shows from something. . .they will make it so much worst. Oh. .. the content of the following video might no be safe for work depending on your co-workers. ... uncensored
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