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  1. Ely

    L4D2, with new content, free

    I was just talking about this today. Long time no see all!
  2. Ely

    WildStar App: Subject (0/0/0) -- withdrawn

    LIES! I don't know this person! More like STALKER, not friend... JK, this guy is one of the main people we game with when we aren't gaming with the U. I finally talked his lazy ass into applying. He's a good honest guy, fun to game with and hang out with in general. He's about as goofy as...
  3. Ely

    Happy birthday Ely!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm sorry for not responding sooner, but I was in a Guild Wars 2 coma this weekend. Luv you guys!
  4. Ely

    Rift - Jebadiah

    Oh, I'll bug him if he disappears, you all don't have to worry about that one.
  5. Ely

    E Cig Information (This was requested by many)

    Damn I want to move to your states! All of the smoke shops here were very quick to pull them off the shelves in fear of Sheriff Joe I think really. Although a friend of mine said that the smoke shop he frequents didn't even know about the law until he told them (good to know the government was...
  6. Ely

    E Cig Information (This was requested by many)

    Were they the new Clove cigars? Those are horrible. I tried them and they blow big chunks. I can buy those, cigars were not effected, so the clove industry started wrapping clove cigarettes in cigar wrappers. If they were the cigarettes, well then they were selling them illegally and are...
  7. Ely

    E Cig Information (This was requested by many)

    Bet you they will target ECigs next. I mean, it's nicotine that the Feds aren't getting a cut from. It's not subjected to the tobacco tax, but I bet ya they will figure out a way to get their grubby hands on the industry. Especially since it has become extremely popular after the flavored...
  8. Ely

    E Cig Information (This was requested by many)

    It was June 2010. ... kes-effect
  9. Ely

    E Cig Information (This was requested by many)

    Oh I have been smuggling cloves in for over a year, but my last shipment that cost over $180 was confiscated and the company who ships doesn't guarantee delivery (since they are outlawed in the US). I just figured this was a good time to try and stop after losing almost $200. When you order...
  10. Ely

    E Cig Information (This was requested by many)

    So, not sure if any of you know, but I have been a smoker for quite awhile. Not regular cigarettes, but cloves. Since our lovely President (in conjunction with Phillip Morris), decided to ban them in our lovely "free" United States, I have been ordering them from Indonesia for about a year...
  11. Ely

    Rift - Jebadiah

    Damn B5 give the man a little more time :P He's a slacker just like the rest of us. By the way, good follow up Deadboy! :)
  12. Ely

    Rift - Jebadiah

    Alright already! Jeeze! I didn't even know he had an app in until tonight. I've fallen behind in the posts on the forums in the last week. We have so many people posting now I'm overwhelmed! I've known Deadboy/Jebadiah for quite awhile. Yes, he is my ex-boyfriend....yes, we are still...
  13. Ely

    Drater apping for Rift

    Drater is a good guy. I've known him for quite awhile now. He hops around on different games just about as much as Darque and I. I've seen him play quite a few Steam titles and other stuff like League of Legends etc. To top off being a decent guy, he's also good at the games he plays...
  14. Ely

    Regime's WoW app (finally)

    Stonar is the stalker type, best to get used to it now. :P
  15. Ely

    Regime's WoW app (finally)

    Like any of us listen to you anyways Stonar. Give it a few days. I know that today was super busy for me because it's a day after a holiday (MLK day), so it may be similar for other people as well.
  16. Ely

    Regime's WoW app (finally)

    You say that Guinness is a gateway stout, and I partially agree. However, have you ever been to the Guinness Mecca...the brewery in Ireland? OMG The best Guinness ever. Besides the fact that Guinness is stronger over seas as well as better tasting than the variety we get here in the US, it...
  17. Ely

    File Planet Gives Direct to Drive Discount!

    Just got this in my email. So for some of those that don't have a membership and plan on buying from Direct to Drive in the near future, you might want to think about joining. Dear Member, Your IGN Subscription just got an upgrade! Because we love our members so much (feel the love...
  18. Ely

    Which movies do you want to see in 2011? (yep, a poll)

    Ooops forgot to put Thor (and a few others) on mine...but I also kind of want to see Season of the Witch Drive Angry Gnomeo and Juliet (just because Ozzy Osborne and Patrick Stewart do voices in it mostly) Paul (because of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg---the guys from Shaun of the dead) Pirates of...
  19. Ely

    A map of the world the U will come to dominate

    I don't see Minecraft on that map! It's already taking over!
  20. Ely

    What Floats Your Musical Boat Right Now? (nsfw)

    But I loves me my Immigrant punk [youtube:23i13v1j]sM1Ahn0Osjo[/youtube:23i13v1j] [youtube:23i13v1j]elyQ4ShVw-Y[/youtube:23i13v1j]
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