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  2. Lukas Smith

    Vid-A-Day, round 2 Not embedding this due to content. . .which is:
  3. Lukas Smith

    Vid-A-Day, round 2

    Nothing is shown (It's Youtube after all) but maybe you don't want to play this at work:
  4. Lukas Smith

    Star Trek Into

    Oh good! I can talk about it now! It's been out for about a week over here in the EU. I've been trying not to spoil things for those folks forced to wait.
  5. Lukas Smith

    What foreign languages do you know/speak?

    That's because I'm only up to A2, we just started dependent clauses yesterday. However, I've learned that when one is in doubt on how to form a German sentence, throw the verb to the end. It makes it very hard to interrupt people in German.
  6. Lukas Smith

    What foreign languages do you know/speak?

    Mein Deutsch is sehr schlecht. Ich kann lesen und schreiben Ordnung, aber Ich kann nicht sprechen oder verstehen. Und noch etwas, die Grammatik ist nicht ein Problem. Wort Gender ist ein Schmerz.
  7. Lukas Smith

    Vid-A-Day, round 2

    So Abercrombie & Fitch has had a little bit of drama around it, but one man is on a quest to fix their image for them!
  8. Lukas Smith

    Why you should be playing Guild Wars 2 before May 12th

    Fear the Purple Butterflies of Your Doom.
  9. Lukas Smith

    Shadowrun Returns... Nerdgasm

    It better be good. . .I already paid for it and a Doc Wagon, cause I was in my Kickstarter addiction at the time.
  10. Lukas Smith

    Game about a Game Company includes piracy in pirate copies. (w/ funny forum postings) There is a lot of other really good things in the article if the industry of games is interesting to you beyond playing the end product. However, I...
  11. Lukas Smith

    Vid-A-Day, round 2

    I'm not going to embed this because once seen it cannot be unseen:
  12. Lukas Smith

    Rome Total War 2

    I just saw the Punic War "gameplay footage" and I'm not sure I believe that any of it comes from what i would call gameplay footage, but I so hope it is.
  13. Lukas Smith

    Vid-A-Day, round 2

    Hmmm, nevermind then, no clue what is going on so why risk it.
  14. Lukas Smith

    Word Association.

  15. Lukas Smith

    Funny Picture Thread Part 3 (Still NSFW)

    There is something (NWS) in the cosplay thread to interest you: .. . oh and. . .
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