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    Rift Application - Landshark (Off branch vote needed)

    Re: Rift Application - Landshark A few suggestions for future reference. Douche canoe - When a person is so douchey they are equal to about 50 douchebags, therefore a canoe would be needed. Twat waffle - An elitist; someone unaware of their own limitations and highly critical of others. Taint...
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    Rift Application - Landshark (Off branch vote needed)

    Re: Rift Application - Landshark I'm beginning to agree with Brizel Sepoy [spoiler:2rh2425n]:2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger: :2finger...
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    Rift Application - Landshark (Off branch vote needed)

    Re: Rift Application - Landshark After reading Landshark's app and speaking to him in game, I give him the official Alverdine seal of approval :mrgreen:
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    Rift - Soly Application. [Need off branch vote]

    Re: Rift - Soly Application. I have seen him say hello in guild chat, but not in mumble.
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    Rift Application - Suckapunch [outside]

    Re: Rift Application - Suckapunch I think it would look something like
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    Rift Application- Orpheus

    You evil, EVIL man... I think you are going to be my new crush ;)
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    WoW Application - Spidremonkey

    Don't be discouraged by the feedback you have received so far. ;) They are just trying to get a peek into your personality to see how well you will mesh with the community. My brother has a habit of walking into doors too. I never understood how he couldn't see the door before ramming into...
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    Rift Application- Orpheus

    Hello Orpheus, Welcome to the wonderful world of the U! I hope you don't mind but I have a few critiques on your application. We use your application as a 'getting to know you' experience. Sort of the first line of defense to weed out the people who only want to join for loot, free items, or...
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    Rift App - NewportBox's Newportedly Newporty Deliciousness

    Re: Rift App - NewportBox's Newportedly Newporty Deliciousne I had a chance to chat with 'The Sodomizer' (for some reason I have the urge to put that name all in caps) tonight. I am surprised he hasn't been voted in yet.. He's been hanging around in mumble chatting up the masses for a while...
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    Rift application: Deak (needs off branch)

    Re: Rift application: Deak I just ran IT with Deak. He volunteered to help out the lower levels complete their quests. (and me, at lvl 50.. stupid story line quests) No complaints, he did what he was supposed to do without attitude or hesitation. Thank you for helping out the lower level...
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    Rift App - Tajiri

    I just ran an instance with Tajiri. He set up a IT run and let me go along so I could get my Meridian story line quests done. (even though I am lvl 50 and killed their experience) +5 I got him killed twice and he appologized to me! +5 He was able to listen on mumble without hogging the mic. +10...
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    RIFT app Tozarh (2 branch needed)

    I am glad you decided to stick around. I hate it when life gets in the way of some good gaming time? :x Good luck on getting 2 more votes!
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    Rift Application - Metrik

    I couldn't help myself.. He wanted to tell the story involving a handle of Crown Royal, a tub full of pudding, myself, and a midget. Defiantly not U material... I had to steer him in another direction. :twisted:
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    Rift app-- Otaki [Needs 1 N-O vote]

    Re: Rift app-- Otaki Chef, sometimes you scare me..
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    RIFT app Tozarh (2 branch needed)

    Re: RIFT app Tozarh on Wolfesbane We moved to Grarlwood :(
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    Espresso: Rift

    5 days and not even one vote... You're doing it wrong :?:
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    Espresso: Rift

    My queue went from 4 hours to 1 hour in about 20 minutes! I am #400 atm
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    Rift App-a-licious - Shagwell

    Re: Rift App-a-licious Ninja version would be awesome! It could look like this: Rules: 1. Be Respectful 2. Be Helpful 3. Be Proactive (No dead weight on the in game guild list) 4. No Cheating If you are gone for over a month then your toon or alt will be removed from the in game guild list...
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    Tala's Rift App [outside vote]

    Re: Tala's Rift App :lol: I am a sucker for cheesy jokes :roll:
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    App edited. I hope it's to your liking. Rift - Nahiri

    Re: Rift - Nahiri Your app is looking good! Hop into vent so they can get to know you quicker. The majority of the votes went for PVE when polled. I hope that isn't a deal breaker for you and your friend. :?:
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