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  1. CptSquash

    Zombie Claymation AWSOMENESS NSFW

    Ladies and Gentlemen. I introduce to you.. Chainsaw Maid. [youtube:2rmxasa6]6d-tNXxTRBA[/youtube:2rmxasa6]
  2. CptSquash

    APP for CHAMPIONS /plays SW intro music

    Well Well, Where to start. You obviously did not take our advice and check out accepted applications first. If you did look at accepted applications you did not understand what we meant by please use the accepted applications as an example of what makes up a good application. Of course I know...
  3. CptSquash

    Futurama: another reason to watch this show

    Pretty interesting Gizmodo Article. I never liked the show at first but gained a true like for it as I watched it years later on Cartoon Network. Futurama Writer Invented New Math Theorem for Show
  4. CptSquash

    People of Walmart NSFW and Need Audio

    This definitely seems like a Tavern thing. Not only is it a pretty funny website. Someone made a pretty funny rap video about it. Enjoy
  5. CptSquash

    CO Application @CptSquash

    Forum name of Applicant: Necrosis Virtuoso Which game are you applying for membership in? (AoC, WAR, other): Champions Online Are you a member of any other guild in that game? No supergroups in this particular game. I have rolled Solo. Like Kane from Kung Foo. Are...
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