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  1. Thaine

    Neverwinter App: Khattamshud (0/3)

    Uh, when did Inconnel ever say you spoke in mumble? I believe these are the Inconnel's words in question: From my perspective, it appears like Inconnel is providing you with references on why he thinks you might be a capable player (not sure why you required such evidence). I believe the mumble...
  2. Thaine

    Help! Name our Senior Project!

    Flapper Sapper
  3. Thaine

    Beyond wish fulfillment

    Really? Nobody? Source: Instead, most of your responses sound like the first half of this: Source: To say that I am disappointed is an understatement :p
  4. Thaine

    Several new TV shows worth checking out - Lucifer, Minority Report and Blindspot!

    Really? Tell that to Almost Human (which was its FOURTH highest rated scripted show)...
  5. Thaine

    Several new TV shows worth checking out - Lucifer, Minority Report and Blindspot!

    Two of the three shows you listed are on Fox Network, I think you're going to be severely disappointed when the execs cancel them after 1-2 seasons (especially true with ANY sci-fi show on that network). TL;DR: Fox Network execs can suck a big, fat dick.
  6. Thaine

    Game Research and Personality Test

    Apparently you f*****s haven't seen me in a bad mood since I'm apparently "usually in a good mood" :p Scary! Extraversion You scored in the middle range: Individuals scoring in the middle of the scale tend to have traits of an extrovert and an introvert. The individual can have high positive...
  7. Thaine

    Wildstar App: drkanglrsng (3/1/0)

    He's a Great Fisherman in the Dark, Next Gen, even! But seriously, seems like a good dude: follows direction, works as a team player, and doesn't piss and moan when things don't go optimal. I think he would be a welcome addition to the community, would vote YES (if I had such authority).
  8. Thaine

    Unrepentant Demographics

    You know you're shooting yourself in the foot, right?
  9. Thaine

    Unrepentant Demographics

    12:32 pm is 17.5 hours, I think you meant 12:32 am or 00:32 =P
  10. Thaine

    I hate the MMO "endgame"

    Sadly enough, I'd say The Secret World had the "freshest" endgame play for me (but that might because we never reached critical mass to do NY Raid). And, sure, there was the Black Bullion (Nightmare dungeon) grind, but 18's/24's were never really the same experience twice (but that might also be...
  11. Thaine

    Left 4 dead 2 free on steam till 12-26 10am

    Is this what brought down the steam servers? lol
  12. Thaine

    Neverwinter Onine App: Promise (2/2/0)

    Well, you got in already, grats! I was just going to say I grouped with this member a few times, and he was a bit quiet; however, he listened well and didn't bitch and moan when things didn't go right. A late "YES!" vote from me.
  13. Thaine

    Neverwinter App: Loviotor (2/2/0)

    Would you rather be forced to: 1. Have itch you can't scratch -or- 2. Have a rock stuck in your shoe 3. Watch 10 hours of He-man Heyeayea ‎ and why?
  14. Thaine

    Neverwinter App: X Chaotic O (0/0/3)

    Are you talking about a central vacuum system? Because I don't think it will give your virginity back Zerg.
  15. Thaine

    Neverwinter Application: Demonic_Angel (2/2/0)

    I thought the first rule of psychology was something like, "never psychoanalyze yourself or your friends/family." Or maybe that was what I was told when I was touching myself... inappropriately... in public... without pants... Anywho, let's discuss the etymology of your moniker, is there a...
  16. Thaine

    Neverwinter App: The Urban Alchemist (0/0/3)

    We have all seen this song-and-dance before (stickied example:, calling Unrepentant "a bunch of elitist pricks" is nothing new. My theory is that this recurring theme is due to a severe lack of comprehension of...
  17. Thaine

    Neverwinter App: JLewis (1/0/3)

    Anywho, getting back to something that was glossed over: In all seriousness, what are your plans after Neverwinter (as it pertains to Unrepentant Gaming)?
  18. Thaine

    Neverwinter App: X Chaotic O (0/0/3)

    Ok, so your longest/most in-depth response was a quote from the Uey Charter... (puts on "polite Thaine" face) I guess this a good news/bad news situation: 1. Good news, you at least loaded the page with the Uey Charter 2. Bad news, you really need to re-think your application; this level of...
  19. Thaine

    Take the Jung Personality test..mine was spooky close

    You and me both brother
  20. Thaine

    Take the Jung Personality test..mine was spooky close

    Jung Test Results Introverted (I) 90% Extroverted (E) 10% Sensing (S) 71.05% Intuitive (N) 28.95% Thinking (T) 71.05% Feeling (F) 28.95% Judging (J) 55.88% Perceiving (P) 44.12% Your type is: ISTJ ISTJ - "Trustee". Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time- honored...
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