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  1. rhal

    Space bar in text widget - you are not crazy.

    Sometimes while working in the text widget in the forum, you will find that lately, your space bar has stopped working. CRAZY! 1. Hit the Enter key a few times. 2. Arrow key up. 3. Type as usual. 4. Optional - delete the stuff where the space bar wasn't working, even if they're empty line...
  2. rhal

    Prince dead at 57.

    Unfortunately, multiple media outlets are confirming that Prince passed away this morning at his Paisley Park studio in Chanhassen, MN. We've lost a lot of amazing musicians this year. Really sad news.
  3. rhal

    Beyond wish fulfillment

    A conversation came up in Slack that fascinates me endlessly - Aristotle said a lot about civilization overcoming its meniality and being judged by the quantity and quality of its leisurely pursuits. So, consider this proposition: You are assumed to have an ideal family unit of your choosing...
  4. rhal

    USPS help

    Any Ueys work for the Postal Service or have a close friend/relative who does? I need some help and both of the post offices responsible for my problem have provided none, the phone system hangs up on me when I try escalating to a human being, and the online tools are useless for my situation...
  5. rhal

    RIP Iwata Satoru, President of Nintendo
  6. rhal

    My dear Ueys

    It is sad to not see more of you in Slack. Slack is the future. Slack is fun. Imagine IRC but good! Here's how to get started:! Foruming is really awesome, but when you're at work and are feelin' lonely...
  7. rhal

    Paper anniversary

    My 1st wedding anniversary is coming up (on Easter Sunday this year, randomly). I have zero in the way of ideas, especially for "paper." Neither of us are huge on tradition, so I don't have to stick with that stuff. But I'm actively soliciting ideas. I'd like to be well ahead of the game this year.
  8. rhal

    Joystiq being closed by AOL

    A pretty decent gaming news site for quite some time, this sucks:
  9. rhal

    Venture Bros. Season 6! The season premiere and epilogue are streaming now - they might have overdone it a bit with the cameos, but I like the direction they're going. John Hodgman, Paget Brewster, and Stephen Colbert all do guest voices, along with the usual rogue's...
  10. rhal

    Musician? Travel? FAA rules finally issued.

    Thanks to the years of lobbying from the AFM, the FAA's ruling on Section 403 is now public ( The gist of it is: small-medium instruments (violin, guitar are quoted as examples) must be allowed on as carry-on items, and airlines...
  11. rhal

    Garland TX cat rescue help

    Hi Ueys, If you're near Garland, TX and have room in your life to foster a kitty, please contact the folks at The woman who runs it has 70+ rescue kitties and over new year's got some very bad medical news (I can't share more than that). She is desperately...
  12. rhal

    Punnery in China!

    The Daily Show talks about China's plan to ban puns drops some good ones in:
  13. rhal

    Election Day 2014: Revenge of Civic Duty!

    Hi fellow Ueys! In the US, starting tomorrow morning, it becomes time to vote! There is a sizeable lack of interest this election cycle, particularly in the younger and tech-literate among us. I'd ask you to consider helping keep the wheels of democracy well-oiled, even if you have little faith...
  14. rhal

    Topical Burn Cream != tropical bum cream

    QED, chatboxers.
  15. rhal

    Another text widget issue

    Yo, Still hoping we can update or otherwise fix the text widget issue(s) with using Ctrl+B/I/U and having the entry cursor fly all over the place, and the possibility of having default font/size for our accounts :) Apart from that, I use the drop-downs for Font and Size nearly every post, and...
  16. rhal

    Placeholder text?

    Doing mockups? Why settle for the boring ol' Lorem Ipsum when you can use ARTISINAL Ipsum? Sample: Bushwick brunch distillery actually McSweeney's, hoodie fixie photo booth. Kitsch leggings tousled, Kickstarter mustache deep v Blue Bottle chambray post-ironic lo-fi. Selvage...
  17. rhal

    Net neutrality's last stand?

    The FCC comment period ends tomorrow - get your voice heard if you haven't yet!
  18. rhal

    Happy Independence Day, US!

    Safe, beer-filled, and burgerfull 4th of July to y'all.
  19. rhal

    Draw attention to "What's New?"

    It took me a few weeks to figure out what to click on every visit. I suspect there are plenty o' folks who aren't rolling in the joyfulness of clicking What's New? - leading to duped threads or missed posts in threads they follow but don't subscribe to. Yes, I ended with a preposition, it's...
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