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  1. Dozam

    Gaming Podcast Input

    So serious question for you guys. I'm writing for this game site and they have given me the ok to put together a podcast, but they haven't really given me much to work with. So I was curious, what do you guys like from a podcast? What would you like to see in a podcast?
  2. Dozam

    Get your Real Life Lady, Lord and Laird titles now for just $49.99 Check it out to purchase as little as 1 square foot of land in Scotland to make yourself a lord or lady and help save the forests of Scotland.
  3. Dozam

    New Evil Dead Movie

    Check it out!!
  4. Dozam

    Borderlands on iOS

    Check it out
  5. Dozam

    Gizmodo "Foot-to-mouth"

    So the Giz decided to run a post about how odd the USAF twitter account is based solely on the individual posts and nothing about their significance or what they reference...awesome!
  6. Dozam

    Awesome has a name

  7. Dozam

    thought some of you Skyrim fans may like this
  8. Dozam

    Issues paging through serched posts

    When doing a search for posts the site shows the first 9 or so (assuming there are that many) and if there are more there appears to be no way to go to the other pages of posts. Am I the onlyone having this issue? Am I missing something?
  9. Dozam

    Games and Fun

    As a Video Game design student and potential Psychology major (for PhD) I'm interested in how people approach games and what draws them to said games. What, in your opinion, makes a game fun? What sorts of things draw you to games? What kinds of games always draw your attention? Please give...
  10. Dozam

    The Secret World Free...............Trial

    If anyone was on the fence or perhaps just curious about The Secret World, this weekend would be prime time to check it out as they are allowing people to play for free all weekend!
  11. Dozam

    I shall share the internet crack with you

    check out this awesome internet version of the telephone game!
  12. Dozam

    SWTOR Free to play weekend starts today

    check the link:
  13. Dozam

    MIT issuing certs in Piracy

    Check the link :ugeek: ... n-pir.html
  14. Dozam

    U'ey blog

    So I was thinking, since most of us are fairly passionate about the games that we play (and games in general) ,many of us have a decent amount of knowledge in one game or another, and many of us are articulate enough to put together streams of sentences, that we could perhaps make a U'ey blog...
  15. Dozam

    Aion Free to play Starts Feb 27th

    Title says it all. Just thought you guys would like to know.
  16. Dozam

    WoW App - Glimshank (3/1/0)

    Are you over 18? (you must be 18+ to apply) Yes Which game(s) are you joining us in? WoW and possibly Rift in the not to distant future. What is the character or account name you’re joining that game with? Glimshank Do you have friends or family in the guild? If so what is their forum...
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