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  1. xBloodshot

    Ready Player One

    I really enjoyed the book - super fun and a quick read (it's still loaded on my phone in case I run out of things to do on a plane). But, to be 100% honest, I'm not sure how they translate it well to a movie. Like everyone else here, we've all been burned by lost in translation movie adaptations...
  2. xBloodshot

    Describe your profession badly.

    Our MBA is dying a slow death (less than half the size of 10 years ago), so we've switched into targeted masters (e.g., intro to management and leadership for STEM students) - that's where the money is right now. Former students are also targeting industries (e.g., MBA for Ag industry). But...
  3. xBloodshot

    Describe your profession badly.

    Part one: I tell people things they like to hear, while letting them play games Part two: I write things that I hope 3 people will shit on repeatedly, and if everything goes REALLY well, are mentioned by 100's of people who never read what I wrote. (Same job as Fosco)
  4. xBloodshot

    What Floats Your Musical Boat Right Now? (nsfw)

    First album is almost exactly 1 year old:
  5. xBloodshot

    Where to look for new music artists?

    This was a nice compilation - I found a handful of bands I wasn't aware of (and now enjoy):
  6. xBloodshot

    Funny Picture Thread Part 3 (Still NSFW)

  7. xBloodshot

    5000th post and the obligatory animal porn post

    It appears that you need at least 1k posts to post in this thread - so I will jump in. Long live Dave!
  8. xBloodshot

    Millenial watches Star Wars (as an adult) for the first time

    Excerpted here: Full tweets:
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    Vid-A-Day, round 2

  10. xBloodshot

    Vid-A-Day, round 2

  11. xBloodshot

    Vid-A-Day, round 2

  12. xBloodshot

    Vid-A-Day, round 2

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