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  1. magus

    App: nyu04 - ESO (for now) (0/0)

    Inventory is a PITA in damn near every game. PSO2 is no different... I almost hate getting loot in it and ESO.
  2. magus

    App: nyu04 - ESO (for now) (0/0)

    So what's for dinner nyu? I understand that you are quite the food-meister. ;)
  3. magus

    App: nyu04 - ESO (for now) (0/0)

    Allrighty I readily (and somewhat jealously) accept into evidence that you are well-equipped... but now what do you do with all that kit? Where do you go, and how do you get there? hehe For example if I were on the west coast I know of a place that sits on a mountaintop with easily cleared...
  4. magus

    App: nyu04 - ESO (for now) (0/0)

    Hey MK! Glad to see you dropped by. He's put up with my over the shoulder conversations through Lily for a good bit now. Good peeps, and I have no reservations with him joining. Kind, resourceful, even-keeled, and here to enjoy games even while pursuing any accomplisments therein. Huntgod...
  5. magus

    App: Mercrae - Warframe, WoW, CoD (4/0)

    Eh, EVE is a game I love the setting and game itself, but the populace (and penalties) makes it painful to play for time. I wish they had a single-player game or even table-top RPG for it.
  6. magus

    App: Mercrae - Warframe, WoW, CoD (4/0)

    There are times I thin about WoW again, but don't want to get down that rabbit-hole again. heh. At least Lily hasn't threatened me with divorce if I play again unlike EVE. :o
  7. magus

    App: Mercrae - Warframe, WoW, CoD (4/0)

    Also: Have you watched our mandatory CBT for Warframe yet?
  8. magus

    App: Mercrae - Warframe, WoW, CoD (4/0)

    I've known him all of his life; so I'm biased. Give'm the boot. ;) Btw; Valil is Lilly. She needs to change her name sometime. So anyways on a more business-at-hand note: He's been playing Warframe with us and having a good old time.
  9. magus

    App: Garisaan - Warframe (4/0)

  10. magus

    App: Garisaan - Warframe (4/0)

    *pulls back his Magus's hood to reveal a Caelin* Oh sure put DR and my wife in, but no mention of me? Pfft... Then I won't tell them how cool of a dude you are and helped Lilly and I have a great time in VNQ. He's such a jerk that he's hosted a fishing event on Sunday nights that had...
  11. magus

    Diablo 3, Warframe, Ark, Division App: Sentences (4/0)

    I've been in Warframe a good bit with Sentences, and have had great interactions. He's definitely more eloquatious and funny in voice-comms. Good peeps, I'd get a beer with him anytime.
  12. magus


    Lilly and I laughed our asses off. Easily one of my favorite movies of all time. *crisp high-five*
  13. magus

    Ark App: ZedZed (0/3)

    I think Fosco is approaching the age of dirt... ;)
  14. magus

    Ark Survival Evolved and League of Legend - ForestMantis (4/0)

    Boy oh boy are you right on the rigidity. I tried out Kendo and reeaaly liked it until I found out the rules and progression of allowed strikes. >.< Iaido was fun for a bit, but the same thing kinda put me off. Also, no real sparring to speak of. My buddy said I'm a 'no-mind' fighter...
  15. magus

    Ark Survival Evolved and League of Legend - ForestMantis (4/0)

    I tried hand to hand martial arts and found I just have no inborn aptitude for it. Although I do make for a great bag'o'meat to throw around the dojo. Gawd forbid Sensei's wife was on the mat... egads she could throw. Now put something stabby/choppy in my hand and the world changes. Turns...
  16. magus

    Ark, and any others at some point. App: Mindlessbear (4/0)

    Good gods yes... grooming costs a fortune. Of course our beast rather has a lot of square footage. .5 Pyranees, .25 Newfoundland, .25 Labredumb. Ahh UO, I remember the days when a rabbit was a serious threat and a cat... well you didn't contemplate fighting those terrors.
  17. magus

    ARK App: Cantaloupe_Dog (4/0)

    So what's the C-dog name derive from?
  18. magus

    SWTOR App: Shiny (4/0)

    Woot woot!
  19. magus

    Star Wars: The Old Republic App: rayford (4/0)

    Woot on the new mic!
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