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  1. xBloodshot

    Millenial watches Star Wars (as an adult) for the first time

    Excerpted here: Full tweets:
  2. xBloodshot

    Favorite Christmas Songs?

    Ok - we are approaching Christmas, so it's clearly time to knock out your favorite Christmas song (playlist time?). Note that I assume that you will all hit the obvious ones, so I want to put out songs that meant more to me specifically. First up - the song rated the "Best Christmas Song" in...
  3. xBloodshot

    Words that differentiate between men and women Although I knew about half of the words on the "women" side, it still seems to differentiate pretty well (my wife only knew a couple of words on the "men"...
  4. xBloodshot

    What if Harry Potter was written using rationality as its basis? Fantastic fan-fic. It may strike my fancy even more, given that the writer clearly has some training as a scientist (probably psychology background, but not really sure) - but man is it fun to see how Harry Potter could have turned out assuming some measure of rationality...
  5. xBloodshot

    Military rations

    For those of our brothers and sisters who serve (or have served), here are the ration packs for several countries around the world. Note that the Italians have alcohol in there:
  6. xBloodshot

    Epic Super Bowl Commerical Programming note: there is a flaming sledgehammer in this commercial.
  7. xBloodshot

    Top 10 games Dao will play for 2 weeks in 2014
  8. xBloodshot

    US dialects

    Based upon a long term survey done on regional dialects in the US, there is now a quiz to pinpoint where you are from, based upon how you answer a couple of questions...
  9. xBloodshot

    New game from Notch (creator of Minecraft)
  10. xBloodshot

    New Kickstarter - From creator of Ultima Here's my $$
  11. xBloodshot

    Knights of the Old Republic: the movie? So, there is speculation that the creator of KOTOR is writing a screenplay based upon the game. Those who have played it: do you think it would fly as a movie?
  12. xBloodshot

    Playtest Valve Hardware If you live in the Seattle area, there's an opportunity to get your hands on the Valve hardware, and play some fun games. Survey here:
  13. xBloodshot

    Browser-Based Borderlands 2

    This is fun and crazy. Win!
  14. xBloodshot

    Minor spelling mistake

    On the home tab, under community portal, one of the links is: Latest 10 Puplic BlogsThat may be spelled incorrectly :) Also, why are the most popular tags "Blow" and "hookers"?
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    Cannot log in on iOS from iPad

    As of this morning, I could log into the new site on my iPad. As of this evening, I can no longer do so. After I type in user and pass, it gives me the: Redirecting Thank you for logging in xBloodshot Then it takes me back to the main page and asks for log in again.
  16. xBloodshot

    Vid-A-Day, round 2

    First vid of new site:
  17. xBloodshot

    iOS and Android games

    I don't know about you, but I find myself playing more games on my iPad than expected. This probably has something to do with the ease at picking up and putting down the games, rather than needing to dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes to any MMO. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good...
  18. xBloodshot

    Update app form

    Just ran across the application for jobs at Planetary Resources (the company founded by the guys at Google, James Cameron, etc to mine asteroids), and I thought we should incorporate several of their (actual) first pass questions into our application:
  19. xBloodshot

    The Raid: Redemption

    Must .. see .. now: [youtube:8m4h59s6]PkULMOFpuCo[/youtube:8m4h59s6] The reviews of this are fucking fantastic. People are calling it Die Hard meets Hard Boiled. Although I'm pretty sure I've played this as a video game before (fight through 15 floors of a building until you meet the boss?)...
  20. xBloodshot

    xBloodshot - DDO

    Which game(s) are you joining us in? DDO Are you over 18? (you must be 18+ to apply) I now qualify as one of those middle-aged gamers (32). I've played online games since they were called BBSes, but I started post-Wargames. Are you a member of any other guild in...
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