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  1. Pratyeka

    Cosplay - Thread #2 (NSFW)

  2. Pratyeka

    Cosplay - Thread #2 (NSFW) 71ceb9f85c72&rid=giphy.mp4
  3. Pratyeka

    App: Tony101 - Star Trek Online (0/3)

    No in game handle, no way to reach them in game.
  4. Pratyeka

    App: Tony101 - Star Trek Online (0/3)

    Welcome! What is your cryptic handle, your @handle ? I'd love to make sure you have a fleet invite and make sure you get invited to our chat channel. /channel_join Sexytime That is where we talk in game. STO is not much like COD, what has you interested in STO? We have hundreds of members...
  5. Pratyeka

    App: ssnorman - Neverwinter (0/3)

    RetniwreveN@normanst#7744]: done with application on website. How do I proceed? Got them invited and in the /uey channel. Seems very motivated to pew pew in NW. Not a requirement, but do you play any other games a lot?
  6. Pratyeka

    Vid-A-Day, round 2

  7. Pratyeka

    Cosplay - Thread #2 (NSFW)

    I replaced it with a link to the thread which appears to work.
  8. Pratyeka

    Cosplay - Thread #2 (NSFW)

    NSFW Body Paint
  9. Pratyeka

    App: FateMoirais - Neverwinter / Steam Games (4/0)

    Ran her through Vot9 and helped her do Unwelcome guests for the Vistani set. Very polite and friendly. She is in /uey and had asked about what to do next.
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