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  1. ObiWanJabroni

    The Batman

    Dude, tag your spoilers. And he's Year 2 Batman. All he cares about is Batman right now, he has plenty of time to grow into Bruce. The whole last act was about him needing to grow into being more than just Vengeance.
  2. ObiWanJabroni

    The Batman

    Sweet Jesus I loved this movie so much. Not only is it a great Batman film, the casting/acting, cinematography, and score are all excellent. I want need more of this. Remember to tag your spoilers.
  3. ObiWanJabroni

    What’s a TV show you used to love but not many people seem to remember?

    Taz-Mania Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future Candle Cove Carnivale Reaper MTV's The Head
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