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  1. Coeus

    Interesting take on Microsoft's UWP

    So, initially the UWP appeared to be designed to break open the clusterfuck that is the Console market by setting a standard for upgradable consoles that evolve with available hardware and software. The "But that's not all!" to this seems to be them trying to clamp down on the PC end of things...
  2. Coeus

    What if Lord of the Rings happened in Asheron's Call?

    Was watching LotR and suddenly remembered this old-but-gold from back in my AC days :D Source :)
  3. Coeus

    Odd attachment bug in post

    So... this happened when I made a post to Word Association. Second time I've seen it too... Curious! I think it bears mentioning that these attachments that showed in the post aren't my screenshots, which makes it even more bizzare I think! From STO, but I never had either character... and...
  4. Coeus

    Life Backwards - Woody Allen quote

    As mentioned in Mumble:
  5. Coeus

    Oldschool Win & Awesome

    Soooo.... whose up for some oldschool drunken mario karting? :D
  6. Coeus

    Four NHL conferences now? PUCK OFF!

    I'm curious to see how many hockey fans are here & what they think of the changes to the league layout in the NHL next year? Personally I think they're making it far more complicated than it needs to be, but also see the potential for some serious upp-age of competition to the point that some of...
  7. Coeus

    STO Application: Coeus (3/1/0)

    Are you over 18? (you must be 18+ to apply) Well, my license says I'm 28, but I refuse to believe it. Which game(s) are you joining us in? Just Star-Trek Online for the moment... What is the character or account name you’re joining that game with? You can find me @coeus_darksoul (or passed...
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