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  1. ObiWanJabroni

    Survey on Loot Boxes & Gambling - Help Out Some Research Nerds

    Just wanted to drop this link: This is a survey from some eggheads coming out of York looking into the relationship between gambling and loot boxes. Since if you're reading this you're probably a gamer, that means you probably have an...
  2. ObiWanJabroni

    RIP Leonard Cohen Fuck 2016.
  3. ObiWanJabroni

    Rogue One Trailer

    Featuring an AT-AT invasion, some presumably ISB bad guy with a bitchin' looking cape, oldschool Star Destroyers, and Ghost Dog: Way of the Jedi. The hype awakens.
  4. ObiWanJabroni

    The infamous drum of lube on Amazon...

    has been shipped to that militia in Oregon! Hope you're on your way up there, Chef. They'll be more than ready for ya.
  5. ObiWanJabroni


    Anyone else watch this Netflix show? I'm on Ep 5 and I'm diggin' it quite a bit so far. It's about a group of telepathically linked people scattered across the globe, with other mysterious shenanigans happening. It's from the Wachao... Washoaw... the directors of The Matrix, the creator of...
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    Have you ever wanted to listen to something but been torn between the Beatles and Metallica? Well, Beatallica makes that decision for you by meshing the two into something lifechanging! Just a couple samples: Feel free to find and enjoy their other works from such albums as Abbey Load and...
  7. ObiWanJabroni

    Things are getting more future-y up in here.

    We're getting closer to cryogenics. Doctors will soon be starting human trials on gunshot victims. The goal is to freeze them before they die to repair structural damage and then bring them out of it, hopefully saving their lives...
  8. ObiWanJabroni

    I see your Schwartz is as big as mine... Those crazy scientists at Harvard and MIT have figured out the first step in building real lightsabers, which of course means that Schwartz rings should be available at some point in my...
  9. ObiWanJabroni

    X-Men: Days of Future Past already going viral

    For all you X-Men and/or comic book nutters out there- It won't be released for almost a whole freakin' year, but they're starting the hype train pretty damned early. Bryan Singer has returned to direct what he calls an "inbetwequel" for the franchise, which involves time travel and...
  10. ObiWanJabroni

    Musician Jabs & Remake Hate

    Just a couple links that brought me some amusement today. My personal favorite: Also: My personal...
  11. ObiWanJabroni

    STO: Legacy of Romulus Trailer

    The Legacy of Romulus expansion launches in Star Trek Online next week. Here's a trailer: It's free to play, it has changed a lot in the past year, and from what I've seen of the new stuff rolling out it is going to be pretty damned awesome. If you were ever interested in STO, I highly...
  12. ObiWanJabroni

    Star Wars for the ADD Impaired

    Watch it while it lasts. I thought the music for the opening crawls were particularly hilarious.
  13. ObiWanJabroni

    Iron Man 3 SB Trailer Extended Look

    In case nobody looked on the internets to check out the extended Iron Man 3 spot from the Super Bowl:
  14. ObiWanJabroni

    Pacific Rim Trailer

    Haven't seen this mentioned (granted, I haven't looked very hard), but I ran across this trailer today: Given the premise, it'll either be totally awesome or incredibly shitty. I'm really, really hoping for the former, as I love me some jet-assisted punches from giant robots.
  15. ObiWanJabroni

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1996

    Since folks here seemed to enjoy my gift of LXG 1988, I bring to you reports of LXG 1996. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - America: 1988 When war-hero-turned-handyman Kesuke Miyagi is found drained of blood, it becomes clear that the occult gang known as the Lost Boys are targeting the...
  16. ObiWanJabroni

    Bad Lip Reading

    This might be the best thing to hit YouTube. I posted a Mitt Romney themed one in the Conspiracies, Religion, and Politics area, but there are non-political ones that are hilarious. This one is beautiful:
  17. ObiWanJabroni

    Private Messages Inbox

    It appears that, if you go back far enough, the stuff in one's PM inbox is a combination of stuff that was sent to us and stuff we sent to other people. I realized I only had space for about 20 messages so I went on a deleting spree. I have no idea when it really started, but I definitely have...
  18. ObiWanJabroni

    Cannot escape this website...

    One of those corners of the internet that I forgot about and randomly happened upon again... So many things ranging from "that's pretty cool" to "holy shit that's awesome." Kinda tempted to get the Batman Snuggie...
  19. ObiWanJabroni

    LXG-1988: Why Can't It Be Real?

    Stumbled on an old April Fool's "promotional" posting of this. I thought it was just too awesome and really needs to be made fo realz. [hsimg:11phq04o][/hsimg:11phq04o]
  20. ObiWanJabroni

    What Grinds My Gears...

    Many moons ago I was part of another gaming community that had a post dedicated to random bitching. Real life events, ingame events, stupid shit you see on TV, whatever. Just a place to vent. It was popular. We kinda did this back when we had chat on the forums, but that isn't here anymore, and...
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