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    App: Dara Loreweaver - Neverwinter, FF XiV, Lotro, Wow, swtor (4/0)

    Most of us are online at the moment with the expac launch - I'll toss a few officer names up for you to get in touch: Jarle Vagrast Kiserai Souvra Maevrik Drakai Rhael Amariyo Savannah Cross Sovya Souvra Theremus Grayve Zandar Casseline Send one of us a tell & let us know who you are as a...
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    App: ericwithakay - Now:FFXIV & GW2.Later:Ark,Warframe,Overwatch (0/3)

    Hi eriK, welcome to the app process! I sometimes have a few simple questions, a hard one or two, or my go-to standard: If you had to pick an avatar image to use out of the near-infinite images on the Internet, what would it be? :3
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    Grown-Up Toys (nsfw now)

    I am here for the same reason.
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    App: Cannonfodder - Neverwinter (0/3)

    Which WOW server, by the by?
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    App: Anderon Bloodkrieg - FFXIV (4/0)

    Always friendly and pleasant in-game & enthusiastic. I would toss a yes on the pile if I had that power, but I don't, so at least the Uey Who's Most Into Cheese backs Anderon's app - that meant something, back in the day!
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    App: Anderon Bloodkrieg - FFXIV (4/0)

    I've seen & chatted with Anderon a few times in-game now that he's enguilded, seems friendly and not two wolves in a trenchcoat. Since I often go magic-AFK for job search and freelancing work, haven't had a longer chat yet nor run anything, but myself and anyone online is usually more than happy...
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    App: WarKittens - FFVIC, WoW (4/0)

    Very sorry for your loss. We have a small legion in the greater Minneapolis area and while I'm no longer there I have a fairly large network of contacts still after 30+ years living & growing up there - any particular places you're looking for work, or specific job titles/etc? You can send me a...
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    App: WarKittens - FFVIC, WoW (4/0)

    Cis = short for "cisgender" as opposed to "transgender" or other similar terms Bi = short for bisexual Guy = manly manly man man dude with 'tude
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    App: Jethyk - FFXIV, maybe FFXV if i can learn how to play (0/3)

    Hi Jethyk, good to read through your app, replies, and NSFW story. Respectful, outgoing, fun kiddos here, and we talk often in /FC, our Unrepentant /LS, and on Mumble - you're welcome to join us in all thems thingies. We haven't chatted much in-game due to my weird life situation at the moment...
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    App: WarKittens - FFVIC, WoW (4/0)

    Hi Kittenschlager, welcome to the U's app journey. Hope you're enjoying your FF14 time thus far. We've only chatted briefly a few times in-game, but for my part I'm no misanthrope, just busy with a job search and fighting existential dread. My first online experience was Rogue on a VAX/VMS...
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    Watch out for Irma, the bitch!!!

    Dealer has been sharing stories and pics in Slack, horrible stuff in Houston.
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    App: Snyper99 - Neverwinter, GW2 (0/1)

    Not at all, sorry for the delay! Gwynn is heading up the NWO group at the moment I think, and I'm holding down the fort in GW2 while we wait for the next expansion. Good to see an app in - if you want an invite for GW2 as well, toss your account name.1234 in here and I'll send one over. That's...
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    New game for us here, Corrupt a wish!

    Sim-sala-bim, O Master! Your wish has been granted. Your new device has converted your body, family, and friends into glorious mounds of solid bullion coins and shimmering gemstones. You certainly never have to work again, such is your wealth as you are your wealth. I wish I could speak a word...
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    App: lucifortescue - Final Fantasy XIV (4/0)

    I'll toss YES #3 into the mix, great work so far and keep up the awesomeness!
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    App: lucifortescue - Final Fantasy XIV (4/0)

    You brought up Bread in your app when talking about a person you didn't care for - what are your opinions on this contentious subject? That of Bread and Breadiness.
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