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  • Holy Mackerel, time flies!

    2017 gaming habits: Shroud of the Avatar / Guild Wars 2 / Divinity Original Sin / World of Warcraft (because boomkin).
    Hey sir Fen.

    I know you're a busy man, but I was wondering how you would feel about starting a recruitment campaign for FFXIV. I'm not suggesting a casual/hardcore/rpg/pvp/etc. propaganda event, but a true Uey campaign; what I mean by that is adverstising Unrepentant, as a hole, in game and seeing what bites in the apps. With the oncoming expansion, I feel some new blood and new role models would help increase the longevity of the branch, also more people newer to the game or newer to lvl 50/60 would be advantageous for returning Uey members. Maybe I'm overstepping my bounds here and I know you've been very busy with work (my first big work project of the year is going to start shortly), but I would appreciate some feedback and/or permission :).

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