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    App: Amritalle - Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) [existing member]

    Wait.. so you're a member and not a member... this is some crazy confusing stuff. If your already a member then no need to re-apply. Once a Uey, always a Uey. Edit: went back a looked at your previous app. You applied with character name Ameitalle as well. So yeah, looks like your already one...
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    Your post count is shameful, Huntgod.

    Don't worry Hunt, we all know Dao is just some Strange bot that got lured into this forum by waffles and beer... wait... is that right, i don't remember
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    App: Aecuss - FF14 and potentially New World (4/0)

    Have not actually gotten to play with you yet( when you getting new world?) I'm going on the good interaction here. And voting YES
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    App: Okanarr - New World (4/0)

    Yeah, i was just jumpin on here to say there's been tons of good interaction here and on Discord so ima vote YES
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    App: Aecuss - FF14 and potentially New World (4/0)

    We Play on Kay Pacha as Syndicate. I'm Maye in game, send me a message and we can get you pulled into the company as soon as you're a Syndicate member.
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    App: Aecuss - FF14 and potentially New World (4/0)

    Yup, puppers are always good. Unless their mine then they're both horrible crazy mutts and adorable cuddlebugs at the same time
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    App: WarLockPlays - New World (4/0)

    So, I'm liking the interaction. I've seen you online a few times but unable to get in a group with you, but I won't hold it against you I'll vote YES
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    App: WarLockPlays - New World (4/0)

    Hah, New World: The next gen triple A MMO you play on a Potato for your safety. Great fun. I'm basically doing the same but at least it still looks good.
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    App: WarLockPlays - New World (4/0)

    From what I Understand all gaming laptops are safe, since they naturally have to be better at power conservation and heat management. But I could be wrong.
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