Unrepentant Gaming FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Where We Play


ARK - Request the details in your app if you haven't already received a PM with the server info.
DDO - Find us ingame on the Sarlona server. Navigate to the "Who" tab of the "Social" menu and sort by guild to find any of our online members. Alternatively, request a Guild Sigil in your app.
FFXIV: ARR - We're on Siren. Send a tell to Zandar Casseline, Kiserai Souvra, Sovya Souvra or Ave Dementia for an invite to the Free Company. Alternatively, catch us on Mumble or PM one of them on the forums.
Guild Wars 2 - We're on Stormbluff Isle. An officer should invite you shortly after they encounter your app. If that isn't the case then contact Rhal on these forums or ingame at rhael.6317
NWO - Join our custom chat channel, introduce yourself and request an invite. The command to join is /channel_join Uey
Overwatch - Hang out in the Overwatch channel on Mumble and there's a good chance someone will come join you.
STO - Join our custom chat channel, introduce yourself and request an invite. The command to join is /channel_join Sexytime.
SW:TOR - We're on the Harbinger server. Catch us on Mumble.
TSW - Catch us on Mumble.
Warframe - If you haven't already received an invite then request one in your app or contact Death_Rictus, Havokist or Rhu ingame.
WoW - Alliance is on Hyjal as Dazed and Confused. Horde is Area 52 as Bad Wolf Corporation.

Other Games

Minecraft: http://www.unrepentantminecraft.org
Steam: Our Steam community is called Unrepentant
League of Legends: Find them in Mumble; I have no idea how to find them in game.

All About Mumble

Here's how you get there:

Address: mumble.unrepentantgaming.com (or vx38.commandchannel.com)
Port: 31025
Password: Request via PM or in-game
Name: Unrepentant Gaming

You must use your Unrepentant forum name as your Mumble name. If the admins do not recognize your name we WILL kick you!

Here's some helpful info for newbies starting out their Mumble experience:

- First thing is to make sure you go through the Audio Wizard. I believe it asks you to go through the Audio Wizard when you first start Mumble, but in case you skipped that you can find it by clicking on Configure -> Audio Wizard. Just follow the prompts to get the settings just the way you want them.

- Make sure you have the advanced box checked in the lower left side of the setting window (Configure -> Settings). This will show you all of the options for each category.

Some of the setting in Audio Input are very important:

- Push to talk (if you want it) and the individual sounds it plays for the PTT Audio cue (mic clicking sound to let you know you are speaking). People may not like the pacman-like default sounds for the cue. If so, you can nab the vent sounds from the main Ventrilo folder (ex. C:\Program Files\Ventrilo). The two items you want are MicKeyUp and MicKeyDown.

- If people mention you are breaking up as you talk, you will want to try modifying the Compression options (middle of the right hand side). The Quality setting can help fix the breaking up that others hear. Also, if people say that you sound metallic or funky they might have to lower it down some. Mine in the screenshot it set at 60.0 kb/s. If slide it further right, you might start to get that metallic sound. You have to lower or raise it based on your mic, but don't set it too high.

- The Audio Processing area toward the bottom on the right side has the slider for Amplification. What that does is set how loud you transmit. If everyone says you are too loud you want to move it to the left to lower the amplification, but if you are too soft move it more to the right. Also check you levels for your mic in the main settings in windows. You have to go to the following directory: Control Panel\Hardware and Sound -> Recordings Tab -> your mic (whichever you use for mumble) -> Properties -> Levels Tab. Make sure you mic levels are at 100% since you can fix the way mumble hears it in the Audio Wizard or the other settings, but you can lower it if you come out way too loud.

Next up Audio Output:

- Loopback is a setting you only want to have enabled when you need to test to see how you sound. Should always be set as None for normal use.

- The Volume slider allows you to turn up the overall volume of how loud you hear people in Mumble. If people all sound really lower, you might want to crank it up some, but you might want to lower it if people are blowing your eardrums.

- The Attenuate application by... is a setting to allow mumble to lower the sounds of everything else playing through your playback device (speakers or headset). The higher the percentage the more it lowers the sounds plays, besides Mumble. So sliding it further right lower all the sounds , and left leaves the sounds higher. the check boxes below the slider allow you to set if you want the attenuation to lower the sounds as you talk or as others talk. It would be good to have both checked if you are making use of this setting.

User Interface Settings:

- The main settings (people have asked about) here are purely for those who like vent's layout for the channels and people. At the lower right hand box you see two check boxes under the Channel Tree area. The box labeled "Users above Channels" will change how Mumble displays how people and sub-channels are organized. After you change the setting, you have to fully exit our of Mumble for it to take effect.

- Skins are available for Mumble if you don't like the base look. I have a style called Corona that I'm trying out. You can see in the screenshot where it is located in Settings. All of the screenshots of my settings was using the Corona style, and here is how it looks for the main window (I have it stretched to show how the option just above this changes the layout of the channel and people):

Application Voting Rules (Officers)

1. All applicants must submit an application for approval into the community. Exceptions must be approved by the Community Leadership, as your exception can affect the community as a whole.

2. 4 Yes votes for admittance. These votes can come from any Ufficer or CLAGM.

3. 3 No votes for rejection. Same as above.

4. A minimum of 2 days before voting can begin. But don't think that means "vote at two days". Feel free to ask questions until you're really sure you want this person in. But on that note - don't leave applicants hanging. They deserve timely responses to their questions, and timely votes on their apps.

5. Use the [0/0] voting tracker in all application titles. This represents [Yes votes/No votes]. It is your responsibility to keep this updated when you vote.

6. "Initiates" may not remain in a branch longer than two weeks without an application. This rule relates to applicants, so I'm including it here. This comes directly from our membership, so it is non-negotiable. Remember: you have the option to not use Initiates at all (or have a shorter period), but the maximum is two weeks.

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