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Ranks & Permissions

What follows is how forums, groups and permissions work on this site. So if you feel something isn't working right, feel free to use this post as a guideline and let us know whats wrong so we can fix it for you.

Registered User: White in color, this group is the default group for all newly registered members. Membership in this group unlocks access to post in the Visitors Wing, and read (but not post) in the Gaming Wing.

Unrepentant: Red in color, this group has full access to everything but the leadership boards. You should be able to post and create polls anywhere you can read.

Ufficers: Gold in color, the Ufficers serve as leadership in the guilds we run, vote on applications, and support the Community Leadership within Mumble, the forum, and the guilds of Unrepentant. Full forum and moderation access.

Community Officers: Green in color, CO's have access and moderation permissions in every forum of the boards.

Community Leader: Purple in color, has access to everything.

A Quick Guide on Tags

What follows is a guide that should hopefully be clear enough so that anyone can pick up on using tags, this is also a work in progress.

You may notice that when you post something or make a new topic there are a bunch of rectangular buttons just above where you type your message. These little guys are usually known as tags or buttons, and give us additional functionality on the forum like posting pictures or videos, manipulating font, and creating links. This guide won't cover every single one, but ones most commonly used.

Doing a Control+F and searching "*" should jump to the beginning of each explanation of a Tag.

Quick Guide:

Tips - You can place tags inside tags, like for instance placing the Center Tag then an Img Tag in your signature will center your signature, which is what I do. You can use URL tags around Images, etc, and etc...

There is a limit on how much you can quote, around 5 ish.

Use the Preview button!


The URL tag can be used one of 2 ways. The normal way you insert the web address in the center like this:
Code: Select all


Alternatively you can do this:
Code: Select all
[url=www.google.com]Click Here![/url]

Click Here!

Adding an equals sign inside of the beginning tag allows you to wrap the URL in Text. This is useful if the URL is very long.


Youtube tag can often be a tricky beast, Youtube URLs come in a few different varieties often making it confusing to find what you're looking for.

Usually you will Youtube URLs like this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU9OePcY ... ure=relmfu

Sometimes the second link may have something on the end like embedded, but that's not important.

The trick is you're looking for the random characters in the middle. These characters are typically after the equals sign (=) and before the ampersand (&).

So using the ones above.
First Link:
Code: Select all
Original URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGMOMkACtn4
What the tag should look like: [youtube]hGMOMkACtn4[/youtube]


Second Link:
Code: Select all
Original URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU9OePcYwgg&feature=relmfu
What the tag should look like: [youtube]fU9OePcYwgg[/youtube]



Usually you can just click the Quote bottom below someone's post if you want to quote, but sometimes you have to quote different parts of the post.

You can either leave the Quote tag as is:
Code: Select all
[quote]Uey was here.[/quote]

Uey was here.

Or if your quoting multiple people you do this:
Code: Select all
[quote="Dao Jones"]Uey was here.[/quote]

Dao Jones wrote:Uey was here.

Please note there is a limit on how many times you can use quote tags in one post, I think its 5-ish.


This one isn't used to often and is actually can be a pain to setup, because GameTrailers changed their site up sometime after this tag was released and so the link you need from GameTrailers has to be typed manually.

A typical URL from GameTrailers looks like this:
http://www.gametrailers.com/video/best- ... awp/711014

For the GameTrailers tags to work it has to be this:

You change /video/ to /player/ remove anything between /player/ and the numbers and add .html at the end, confusing right?

It looks like this when you're done:
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The Center Tag will place anything, text to videos, in the center.

Code: Select all
[center]Text, Picture, Video, Signature, Whatever.[/center]

Text, Picture, Video, Signature, Whatever.


The spoiler tag simply allows you to hide text, images, video, and etc... in a box that is click-able by the user. This is nice for linking a bunch of pictures or hiding texts that might give away something important from a game or movie.

Code: Select all
[spoiler]Anything you want pretty much.[/spoiler]

Spoiler: show
You clicked it!

[*HSIMG] and [IMG]

You will want to use HSIMG tags when the image in question is cut off. Use IMG if the Image fits on the screen, and is from the Interwebs, if its a local picture you can use the Upload attachment tab. Both work exactly the same, but one will condense large pictures to accommodate the posting box while IMG will not.

Code: Select all


Code: Select all


This is what happens when you use the IMG tag on an image that is bigger than the posting box resolution. It gets cut off and also stretches the posting box a bit, Preview is your friend.

How to PM an Officer

So, you have a problem. You want to get help from community leadership. Cool, that's what the Community Officers (Advisors) are here for! Here are the steps to follow:

1) Try to resolve your issue directly. Talk it out with the member that's upset you, ask for help with your problem from the leadership of the game you're playing, etc. Remember, we are here to help, but the best solution is always to handle problems before they need our help. In cases--hopefully rare--where that doesn't work, go on to step 2.

2) Click "New PM *"

3) Click the "Community Officer" group.

4) Click "Add".

5) Make sure it now says "Community Officer" on the list of people your message is going to.

6) Type your message. Make sure you tell us what you need help with. Ideally, you should include the details of your concern, or a link to a forum thread, or a screenshot of something in-game, etc: the goal here is to give us enough information that we can start working on the problem right away rather than hunting you down to get basic information.
    I think John has been cheating in CO. He has been bragging on Mumble about how he figured out how to take no damage in PvP. I've been getting PMs from people who played against him and they look like this:
    I tried sending him a tell asking what was going on, but he just said "I can't talk about it in-game, they would ban me." He hasn't been willing to talk about it in Mumble since then.

    Hey, can we talk?

    John is totally cheating in CO and you should ban him.
Now, you won't always have shiny proof of your problem, and that's totally ok--you can still contact us--but if you do have it, send it!

7) Enjoy your favorite beverage as a reward for being a productive community member! :uey:

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