Been a while, thought I would come back with another mini-review--G/B/U- SuperNova

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So if anyone hasn't seen there has been a new MOBA making it rounds here and there with free beta access through a couple websites. Havo-cat was nice enough to mention it to me while I was on the other day, and I took a look into it. After a couple games in and feeling around with the UI/game play I wanted to drop a little bit of incite to this one.

First off; I will go ahead and say I am no where near a pro, nor have I tested everything with the game at this point. In the future i probably will but at this point no. I will also be referring to your main hero as Champion. Primarily cause I haven't seen anything depicting what they are calling them at this point.

Overview: ITS ANOTHER MOBA WOOOOO! actually, not so much. Where as this game does play like another moba out there (more feeling like a dumb'd down version of DOTA then league) it seems to play with a different take to the top down moba style. More, freedom in how you dick with your opponents. This game gives you the ability to choose what kind of Minions (or creeps) you would like to spawn at any point in time. And this is where your money is spent. Selling and buying new types of minions against your enemy. So if you notice you are playing against someone with a low hp pool or melee you can go for more tactical ranged minions to push him back from getting to your front line. Or, you can be a dick like me and just buy the tankiest things to shove the lane out with a ranged champion. It gives a lot of freedom in the game and gives a lot more open feeling to a semi-stale area of the moba titles. This can also be done at any point in the game from a small menu on the right side. With all this in mind, lets get right into the details.

The Good:
-Top down/side view perspective. This gives a lot more fair/liner feel to the game. Allowing you to see the same as your opponent at all times. (Unlike with league in the full top down perspective which limits part of the area due to the UI and where you can click.)
-Champion diversity. This isnt something amazing as opposed to other games, but it still does stand out. Most of the champions in this game feel unlike the others. Hell even more so not feeling like champs Ive played in other MOBAs. That being said I haven't tested all of them yet. But the handful I have all have a unique feel to them which gives you a great feeling pulling off something awesome.
-Fast Mastery. This is more something for casual players of MOBAs that helps a lot in appealing to new audiences. In this case, being able to bring more of a RTS lover to the game. It feels really unique to play tho for anyone who has played Starcraft, Dota or LoL, you'll still feel very comfortable with the controls and ability to micro/macro as needed. The game doesnt heavily punish you for being new to a champ or even the genre itself. Tho is real games the death times are a little longer then what would be expected, its not long enough to cause a drastic change in the game for dying once early on.
-The Tutorial. I did the tutorial just in case even tho I am pretty proficient in MOBAs just to see what has changed from the other games in the genre. I AM VERY GLAD I DID THIS. This game brings a lot of new ideas to the table. The minion shop is a good example. Leveling up your champ is the only way to get boosts for the champ itself. No items can be bought from the store for your champion. The tutorial seems very bleh at the start but it does teach you a lot. I recommend it to ANYONE looking to play the game.
-The UI. Everything is comfortably laid out in front of you and easy to read. Very similar to most other MMO styles of games. Tool tips feel very reactive and not hard to see/read in any way. Icons are very noticeable and do what you would expect them to do off of first glance.

The Bad:
-The Queue. So currently the queue for normal kinda horrible. I will touch this up to being in BETA and hopefully when/if the game is fully released it will do a bit better. This being said, you can be paired up against people who have a much more drastic curve in the game and have been playing it like crazy. Expect to get stomped until you know when to go in, and what to expect.
-The learning curve. So...this is a problem with most MOBAs as a genre. All champs are different. Being good at the game, or hell even being decent at any MOBA isnt knowing the champ like the back of your hand. Its knowing ALL the champs like the back of your hand, and with that knowing what is punishable and what isn't. This is very similar to playing fighting games at a higher level/competitive level. Knowing all champs will give you a better idea of what can be done to dominate an enemy. If the enemy knows your champ better then you know theirs, your probably gonna have a bad time.

The ugly:
Currently, nothing. I have been looking through the game trying to find what could potentially be a moment where I would like to see something removed, but currently everything seems to be pretty normal in the game. I feel once it comes out of beta we will see a lot more from it and hopefully the game picks up.

At the moment I wont be giving a final thought or score to this one. I'd like to see where it goes with updates and Coming out of beta before moving any farther. Defiantly with checking into tho if you like MOBAs.

Leave me opinions/feed back below. I love to read it. hopefully I will remember about this and be able to update it as the game progresses forward.

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