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Pokemon Conquest

Welcome back everyone, it is time once again to set off on an amazing journey. Now I do have to ask you one big question... Are you a boy, or a girl? That is right everyone, lets bring this back to the classic Professor Oak's hardest question. Well, between that and the name of his grandson....(always appropriately named I'm sure) But this time it isn't us setting off on our amazing journey through the region of Kanto, Jhoto, Hoen or Unova at the ripe age of 10, collecting badges and seeking eternal glory as the Pokemon League champion. No no, this time its war?

Pokemon Conquest, is a game well needed in today's game play settings. With everyone caught up in the mass array of shooters, we get a diamond in the rough. This game sets you as the Warlord of your town Aurora. Object of the game is to conquer more towns and grow. Now lets get down to it, what makes this game good, bad and ugly!

The good: Well needed turn based tactics style game play into a different environment. Good open story line. Will get some different pokemon with each play through which allows for open an open variety of strategy. Opening pokemon is an Eevee which allows you to evolve into any element you would like.

The bad: Game play can be repetitive. Some matches will require training between to improve "Link" between warlord and pokemon. The "Link" System can get a little tricky when first playing. In simple terms, its your experience.

The Ugly: Pokemon sadly only learn one attack until evolved. Also, not all the pokemon are included in the game. The game includes nearly 200 pokemon, a fair amount of starter and legendary.

Final Thoughts: For $35 U.S I grabbed the game and have seriously enjoyed the hell out of it. There is the option to break and cheat with a code system, but you have to conquer five towns before that becomes available. So you do get a good amount of game play before being able to cheat. In general, if you were a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, or Fire Emblem back in the day, you will absolutely love this game and the nostalgia trip that follows from it.

Personal rating, 4/5. Fun, long, enjoyable, but not for everyone.


  1. Chaosmonkey's Avatar
    Damn kids and their pokemans!
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