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So its been way to long since I have actually done a review on a game, and I kinda miss doing it. So, I think I'm going to stay again, just doing it here for now to see what kind of feed back I get and possibly branching back out again.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile (or PoE for short) isn't exactly one of the games that is easily reviewed. Mainly cause its an MMO and everyone plays games a bit differently. PoE is an open combat MMO. Much like Diablo (by Blizzard) where it takes almost every aspect of game play from, apart from a couple small keys that lead to to stand out a bit from the normal Diablo "clone." In path of exiles, you start out as a man/woman who has been (as it sounds) exiled from your homeland. From here you find yourself washed ashore of a small beach near an encampment where a man has found you and brought you in. This is where your journey has begun. In general its all about exploration and questing. In the late game it will be about finding the best loot to show off. Pretty much the same way Diablo 2 was. Now, there isn't anything wrong with that style. Its fun and leads to a lot replay value. Now lets go ahead and dig right down into the deep of this game.

The goods: Fun game play, lots to do, minimal quests, but they make you travel to do them. Replay value, HUGE skill trees (Made goblin_pizza have an orgasm over mumble when he saw it) which leads to fun class creations. And lastly the gem system. Instead of getting skills as you progress as a character you can mix and match by applying gems to you items, that level up the more you use them in battles. Great system that allows you to keep old skills fresh while getting newer/better ones.

The Bads: Color pallet is the biggest issue. It does look very drab at times and doesn't have much to the appealing eye when you start the game. Personalization, its not really there. Everyone roughly looks the same unless you cash-shop to buy something unique.

The *ugly* Awkward: It seems like the game is a bit to open at the start in my opinion. 4 tabs in your stash, decent inventory, and a weird money system that can take a bit of getting used to.

The long story short: Good game, and I will keep playing cause I personally find it fun. I hope that as they finish the games "beta" phase that they will bring some things to the actual game and not just cash shop. The pets for example. Keep specialized pets for cash shop but still give us a chance and grabbing one here and there throughout the game. Getting used to the game is the biggest challenge in my eyes. Taking the time to learn the money system and how everything ranks up over time can be a little weird at first, but after playing for about two hours you get the hang of it.

All in all in for the sheer game play and open worldly experience that I have taken from it, I would give it a 7.5/10.
The combat is fun and has a lot of interesting ideals. With fun combinations of skills and support skills that can make it challenging or break the game in your favor. Where as the colors are a bit drab, it still seems to shine out a bit.

Criticism: please leave me some if you think that I am wrong or would like me to elaborate in anyway. I would be happy to.


  1. foulsoul's Avatar
    sounds fun, would love to see some screenshots.
  2. Random's Avatar
    Hay Vet i think you should revisit this game and update your Review. now that its out of beta.
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