Blurple. Isn't it just Indigo?

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What up, you heathen boob flashers. Your boy Chef's got something on his mind.

So, I've been seeing the word/color "Blurple" thrown around a lot here. A lot, and it concerns me. Bushido in particular seems to have a thing for it. A sickness, some may say. But I must ask--isn't "Blurple" just blue/purple, which makes it "Indigo?"

Can we just forget this Blurple nonsense? That's right! NONSENSE!

I make a motion to return to the use of "Indigo" for blue/purple.
You're welcome, art lovers and fellow sophisticates.


  1. Denavii's Avatar
    I think you just made yourself a target for the Committee for the Advancement of Blurple. I recommend either one of two options: (a) make sure you are stocked up on lube (preferably blurple colored), or (b) go into hiding.
  2. Zar's Avatar
    It seems the colour blurple is a very unloved colour with zero 'loves'. The CAB has its work cut out for it, though I am with Chef B and I hope they do not succeed.
  3. Havokist's Avatar
    Viva la resistance!
  4. Valec's Avatar
    Finally, another voice of reason. This blurple thing seems to be spreading among Ueys like a plague. If a cure isn't found soon, the entire world might be in peril.
  5. rhal's Avatar
    I was aimed at this vituperative work through GW2 guild chat, and the reality is more vile than I imagined.

    Being an anti-Blurpite puts you in evil company, like Hitler. Is that what you want?

    I can help. Log in to GW2, and when I type /g UFG: [Blurple Dye]! respond affirmatively, open your mail, double-click on your new treasure, and welcome to your new lif
  6. Skylatron's Avatar
    I think you're confused.

    I sampled the color swatches from the wiki and Indigo is #230F3A, while Blurple is #523774.

  7. foulsoul's Avatar
    you'll note all the posted backgrounds were brought to you by the color blurple
  8. ChefBourdain's Avatar
    I never thought there would be so much passionate love for Blurple! It's like you're all Twi-hards, but for Blurple.

    Team Blurple?
  9. Morden's Avatar
    They're just trying too hard, because they're not man enough to wear pink, like Metrosexuals that can't admit they're gay.
  10. Denavii's Avatar
    I'm not man enough because... I am not a man. Your anti-blurple cuts me deep.
  11. ChefBourdain's Avatar
    Officially, I don't condone sexism--just Blurplism.

    And we will root out the Blurplists, my friends! Wait, wait! Please do not lock the Blurplists in the gas chamber and throw the switch while cackling.
    That worked great on the Chartreuse Insurrection, but the Blurplists will require a more subtle punishment.

    Now hear this! Executive Order Chef#235: all Blurplists will be taken to my dungeon, stripped naked, tied to the showerhead, and spanked with my #12 spanking paddle until repentant. By me.

    It's a tough job, but I will manage my friends.